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Based on Hainan Island as a local tour operator, we offer tailor-made authentic land tour packages including hot spring in Sanya, Sanya scuba diving packages & courses, golfing packages in Hainan, Hainan Nanshan Guanyin Buddha Park Tour, Hainan tropical rainforest hiking tour and local minority village tours in Sanya.

Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan

Haikou & Sanya are the major tourist destinations on Hainan Island, so our day tours on Hainan Island focus on Day tours in Haikou and Land Tours in Sanya.

For day tours in other parts of Hainan Island, the best is to join our Hainan Island Travel Packages with transportation, accommodations and admission fees included due to limited transportation access like 4 Days 3 Nights Vacation Package in Haikou Wenchang & Boao, Holiday Package 4 Days 3 nights for rainforest hiking, hot spring, beach & local life, 5 Days 4 Nights Travel Package to Haikou, Boao & Sanya,6 Days 5 Nights Vacation Package to Haikou Wenchang Boao Sanya.  and our of Hainan 6 Days 5 Nights in North/Middle/West of Hainan

Most Popular Day Tours in Haikou Hainan Island:

Haikou is located in the north of Hainan Island as the center of Hanan’s local life. There are a few historical sites like the Wugong Temple and Hairu Tomb, newly built Fengxiaogang Movie Studio For natural landscapes, tourists should visit the Haikou volcanic cluster geopark,and Dongzhai Mangrove Reserve.

There are many places of interest to visit in Haikou without admissions like Haikou West Coast Park for nice ocean view, beach view bike ride, Qilou Old Street or Haikou arcade ancient street, the center of Haikou’s daily life, East Lake or a stone village near Haikou volcanic cluster geopark.

Popular Day Tours in Haikou Hainan Island:

Day tour to Fengxiaogang Movie Studio & Dongzhai Mangrove Reserve

Day Tour in Haikou City Center for historic sites to Wugong Temple, Hairu Tomb, and Haikou volcanic cluster geopark.

Guided Day tour in Haikou to places of interest with no admission fee, an authentic local life experience

Sanya Hainan Day Tours/Hainan Land Excursions:

Sanya is the center of Hainan Island Day Tour and land excursions with the most landmarks and the most popular attractions including  The Guanyin Buddha Statue, the End of the Earth Tianyahaijao, and Luhuitou The Deer Park.

As a local tour operator based on Hainan Island, we would recommend a few authentic Sanya Day Tours :

Sanya Hainan Island Local Fishing Village Tour with Seafood Lunch & Clear Water Bay:

If you are looking for a true Authentic Experience on Hainan Island, then our Hainan Local Fishing Village Tour is for a true Hainan Island experience. The fishing village is not a tourist destination. www.sunnyhainan.com is the only tour operator on Hainan Island who promotes this fishing village as a destination for a day tour as we want to show you the true life of the local fishermen.

Sanya Phoenix Hill Park Sanya or The Fenghuangling Park Sanya to have a great bird view of Sanya

For Day tours in Wenchang, we would recommend Wenchang, Haikou, Sanya & Boao 5 nights with an overnight stay in Wenchang. or 4 Days 3 Nights Vacation Package in Haikou Wenchang & Boao.

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