Hainan Baoting Qixianling Seven-Fair-Lady Tropical Rainforest Park Hiking Day Tour with Outdoor Hot Spring

Seven Fairy Mountain Baoting Hainan

Discover the enchanting beauty of Seven Fairy-Lady Mountain, also known as Qixianling, nestled in Baoting Li & Miao Minority Autonomous County in the heart of Hainan Island. Just a 1.5-hour drive from Sanya, this natural wonder spans approximately 22 square kilometers, with its highest peak soaring 1126 meters above sea level.

Designated as a National Level Forest Park by the Chinese Government in 1998, Seven Fairy-Lady Mountain National Forest Park, or Qixianling National Park, is renowned for its rejuvenating hot springs, unique rock formations, and lush tropical rainforest. Boasting temperatures reaching up to 95°C, these hot springs are the hottest on Hainan Island, capable of boiling eggs in just 10 minutes, resulting in deliciously flavored hot spring eggs you won’t want to miss.

Legend has it that the mountain derived its name from its distinctive shape, resembling seven fingers reaching for the sky. However, it is popularly known as Seven Fairy-Lady Mountain due to a romantic tale from local folklore. According to the story, seven fairy daughters of the mother of Heaven were enchanted by the beauty of the region and its hot springs. When a malevolent God of Wind threatened the land, the fairy ladies transformed into seven ridges to protect the locals, earning the mountain its moniker.

Every July 7th in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, locals celebrate the Water Splashing Festival, a tradition that pays homage to the seven fairy ladies and prays for bountiful harvests.

To access Seven Fairy-Lady Mountain from Sanya via public transportation, take a bus from Sanya Bus Station to Baoting Bus Station, then a local bus to Qixianling, approximately a 30-minute ride.

Our tour offers an exhilarating climb up Seven Fairy-Lady Mountain, featuring a 2300-meter-long stone path with 3770 steps. The most challenging segment involves scaling an 80-meter steep rock using iron chains for support. Once atop the mountain, revel in breathtaking views of local villages and distant mountains, including the majestic Five Finger Mountain to the northwest.

After the invigorating hike, unwind with a soothing dip in the wild tropical rainforest hot springs.

The tour commences at 9 am from your Sanya hotel and includes round-trip transfers. Expect a 2.5-hour ascent, followed by a descent of 1.5 hours, along with a hot spring bath and lunch. Please bring a change of clothes, as hiking attire may become sweaty. While not overly strenuous, the hike can be tiring due to the humidity. If time permits, we’ll explore a bustling local market, offering a glimpse into authentic Hainanese life.

Our private Day Hiking Tour to Qixianling National Forest Park with Hot Spring costs CNY499 per person, with a minimum of 2 participants. For 2 persons, the tour is priced at CNY1490, and CNY1790 for 3 persons. Children under 1.2 meters height receive half-price admission when accompanied by a minimum of 2 adults.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Qixianling National Forest Park:

Question: When do we start from our hotel?

Answer: It is a private tour, so you decide what time to start. Normally we recommend 9-10am.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit card with 3% surcharge, paypal with 3.8% surcharge, bank transfer (no extra charge) , or you can guarantee the booking by your credit card and pay us cash on the departure day. We also accept payment by wechat & alipay.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick up & drop off is always from your hotel in Sanya by private car or van.

Question: Where to have your lunch?

Answer: There is a very local restaurant right at the foot of the Qixianling Moutain, so we suggest that you take lunch here after the hiking, then go for hot spring with our driver.

Question: What do you need to prepare for?

Answer: Please bring your own swimming suites and towel for hot spring.

Question: How many hours you will take for this tour?

Answer: It will take around 8 hours.

To enjoy the tropical rainforest, hot spring and hiking, the best option is to stay 1-2 nights in one of the tropical rainforest hot spring hotel like Narada Tropical Rainforest Hotel, and Nanmei Hot Spring Hotel

Hainan Baoting Qixianling Seven-Fair-Lady Tropical Rainforest Park Hiking Day Tour with Outdoor Hot Spring

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