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Hainan Golfing Packages, book Hainan Island Golfing Holidays with a Hainan Island based tour operator.

Are you seeking the ultimate golfing getaway? Look no further than our Hainan Island Golfing Packages! Blessed with a fantastic tropical climate, Hainan Island in China is a golfer’s paradise all year round. Unlike many mainland Chinese regions where golfing is limited from December to March, Hainan Island offers year-round opportunities for golf enthusiasts.

As a premier tour operator based on Hainan Island, we provide comprehensive golfing packages inclusive of hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and daily transfers for golfing excursions. Our curated selection of top-rated golf courses on Hainan Island includes the world-class Haikou Hainan Island Mission Hills, Sanya Sun Valley Golf Club, Sanya Yalong Bay Golf Club, The Dunes Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club, and The Jian Lake Golf Club Hainan.

With nine golf clubs dotting Hainan Island, Haikou boasts an array of options such as Mission Hills Golf Club, West Coast Haikou, Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort, and Haikou Three Miles Golf Club. Along the east coast, excellent courses like The Dunes Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club, Clear Water Bay Golf Club, and Boao Asia Forum Golf Club await avid golfers.

In Sanya, discover five distinct courses including Yalong Bay Golf Club, Sun Valley Golf Club, Sanya Leadbetter Golf Club, Luhuitou Golf Club, and Nantian Hot Spring Golf Club.

For golfers in search of an unforgettable experience, our Hainan Island Golfing Packages offer the perfect solution. Book now and prepare to tee off on some of the world’s finest golf courses!

Thanks to its superb tropical climate, Hainan Island is the preferred destination for golfers year-round. While golfing is restricted in most parts of Mainland China from December to March, Hainan Island remains the top choice for golfers across China.

Popular Golf Packages/Golf Tours on Hainan Island

Hainan Island is renowned for its golfing offerings, with numerous packages and tours available. With two airports – Haikou Meilan Airport in the north and Phoenix International Airport in Sanya – accessibility is convenient.

For those with limited time arriving and departing from Haikou Airport, our 4-day, 3-round golf package in Haikou Hainan Island is ideal. Travelers flying into Sanya Airport can opt for our 4-day, 3-round Sanya Hainan Island golf package, featuring Yalong Bay Golf Club and Sun Valley.

For extended stays on Hainan Island, our 7-day, 7-round Hainan Golf Tour Package showcasing Mission Hills, The Dunes, Sanya Yalong Bay, and Sun Valley is the ultimate choice.

Why choose Sunny Hainan for your golfing package?

  • Local Expertise: With our roots deeply entrenched in Hainan Island, we offer unparalleled knowledge of the region.
  • Reliable Information: We regularly update and verify our information to ensure the highest standards for our guests.
  • No Shopping Tours: We focus solely on providing quality experiences, devoid of any shopping tours.
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Here are some commonly asked questions about golfing on Hainan Island, including which airport to fly into, which hotel to choose, which golf course to play, and how many days to stay for a golfing trip.

Mission Hills has 10 courses including the world-class championship Black stone, more packages are available at Mission Hills Haikou:

Mission Hills Resort Golfing Club Haikou Hainan


Mission Hills Haikou Golf Package -4 nights 5 balls

Haikou Mission Hills Golf Package-3 nights 4 Balls

Mission Hills Haikou Golf Tour Package- 2 nights 3 balls

Do you want a customized golf tour in Hainan? Email caddie@sunnysanya.com for assistance. Caddie, with 20 years of experience in the travel industry, will create a personalized package for you or provide information on the best places to play.

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