Hainan Island China Visa Waiver Policy, Hainan Visa Free Policy & Procedures

Visa Waiver

About Hainan Visa Waiver:

Based on Hainan Island China, we are a registered travel agency/tour operator to process Hainan Island Visa Waiver or Hainan Visa-Free/Hainan 30-day visa-free for travelers from 59 countries. We have got hundreds of emails about Hainan Island Visa Waiver Policy/Hainan 30-day visa-free, and some guests were rejected at Sanya or Haikou Airport as they just showed up with their passports. Visa Waiver or Visa-free doesn’t mean that travelers from the following 59 countries can show up with their passports, but they should apply for a visa waiver through a Hainan Registered Travel Agency including www.sunnyhainan.com.


To benefit from this policy, tourist(s) must book their travel schedule with qualified travel agencies or tour operators in Hainan Island like Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service Limited, the owner of www.sunnyhainan.com.

If you are visiting Mainland China as part of your international plan, please check out China’s New Policy: 72- or 144-hour China Transit Visa Guide

Hainan visa waiver Policy: 

Who are eligible to enter Hainan under visa exemption policy?

Visa Waiver Country List  

A: What documents are requested to apply for a visa waiver?

  • Passport copy
  •  round-trip flights: key point

Make sure you book a direct flight to Hainan Island either to Haikou or Sanya airport from overseas including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. If you book a transit flight via any city in mainland China, then you must apply for a China visa in advance. It is the same for your return flight, must fly out from Haikou or Sanya Airport to overseas including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, not by transit flight via any city on Mainland China. Must be one of the following flights for visa waiver.

international flight to Hainan

Cruise visitors to Hainan Island can also apply for a visa waiver with a local tour operator for a day tour on Hainan Island, the terminals include Haikou Xiuying Pier & Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise terminal.

  • Your hotel booking information.

Please email us your booking information with travel dates and addresses. Or please let us know your preferred hotel, we will make a booking for you. Our rates are always better than direct bookings.

If you stay in a family house or a friend place, we need to have their address in Chinese and local contact person with a phone number. And you must register at a local police office within 24 hours upon arrival.

Traveling to Mainland China with Visa Waiver Policy:

Please note visitors entering Hainan Island with visa waiver policy are NOT allowed to travel to Mainland China.

There is no request on a number of travelers, so a single traveler can also enter Hainan Island with visa waiver while booking his/her stay with the authorized local tour operator like Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service Limited, the owner of www.sunnyhainan.com.

Common mistakes on Hainan Visa Waiver Application

Frequently Asked Questions on Hainan Visa Waiver Policy

Question: Can I just show up with my passport after booking my hotel & flight on my own?

Answer: No, the visa waiver doesn’t mean you can just show up with your passport. It is your local tour operator/travel agency who submits the application for you in the local immigration system.

Question: What documents must I have to apply a Hainan Visa Waiver?

Answer: your passport copy, your flight bookings, and your hotel information.

Question: Can I visit Mainland China if I enter Hainan Island under a visa waiver.

Answer: NO, not possible. And you can’t apply a visa to visit Mainland China with your visa waiver.

Question: Can I stay in a friend’s house/apartment, or I must stay in a hotel?

Answer: Yes. And you need to tell your local tour operator the address in Chinese, and local contact with a phone number. You must register in a local police office with your passports within 24 hours upon arrival.

Question: How much shall I pay for the visa waiver?

Answer: You pay service charge with your tour package including hotels, airport transfers & local tours to your local tour operator/travel agency. No agency is allowed to process your visa waiver if you don’t book your tour services with an authorized local agency.

Question: Can I ask for a visa waiver from a local tour operator if I have booked all my flights & hotels?

Answer: It is possible, if your hotel is non-refundable. But you must book airport roundtrip transfers with your local tour operator to have the visa waiver service from them. And you need to email them all your booking information to double-check that you have booked the right flights.

Question: Can I come alone, or do I have to join a group?

Answer: Yes, you can come alone, no request to join a group.

Question: When should I apply?

Answer: Your local tour operator should apply at least 48 hours in advance, so you have to plan at least 3 days in advance so as to have enough time to discuss the details of your travel plan with your local tour operator.

Question: Can I change my travel plan after my agency confirm my visa waiver?

Answer: yes, possible to change your arrival, departure date, flight details, and hotel information, but you must tell your local tour operator min. 48 hours before your flight arrival time.

Question: How can I know that I have the visa waiver service?

Answer: Once you arrange your schedule with Hainan registered travel agency www.sunnyhainan.com, they will email you 2 forms in Chinese only with your passport details, and flight information.

A sample is found below:

Hainan Visa Waiver Policy

Question: What to do after I get the visa waiver?

Please print out the visa waiver forms and keep them with your hotel & flight bookings. You may need to present them for flight check-in. Upon arrival at Sanya or Haikou Airport, no documents are requested for immigration, you just go through the immigration counter with your passports. On departure day, no documents are requested from your side.

PLEASE NOTE the following after you get your visa waiver:

  1. NEVER travel to Mainland China under a visa waiver.
  2. If you need to change your travel plan before arrival or during your stay, please let us know min. 48 hours in advance.
  3. You must register with your hotel upon check-in as per the visa waiver policy.
  4. If you stay in a local house, you must register with the local police office within 24 hours upon arrival.

Question: Is my Visa for China valid for Hainan Island?

Answer: Yes. Hainan Island is part of China, so your China is also valid for Hainan Island. For example, you got a single-entry visa to China and entered China via Beijing. From Beijing, you could fly to Hainan Island, with your China visa. After your Hainan trip, you are ok to travel back to Mainland China, no ask for a visa.

Question: Can I apply for Landing Visa/Visa on Arrival to Hainan Island?

Answer: Not available now

Common mistakes on Hainan Visa Waiver Application

Hainan Island Visa Waiver Policy: 30-Day Visa-Free Policy & Procedures, Authorized Tour Operator/Travel Agency for Hainan Visa Waiver/Visa Free to Hainan Island China, Landing Visa/Visa on Arrival to Hainan Island.