Hainan Kiteboarding Training Course,

Kitesurfing Courses and Certifications in Hainan

Kiteboarding is a young extreme sport. NOW Kiteboarding Training Courses are available in Hainan. Come to experience extreme sport in Hainan.

The course is available in Boao Qionghai during Summertime (April to September) and in Haikou during Wintertime (October to March due to wind direction. Sanya, the beach destination is not a good choice for kiteboarding or kite surfing. To attend the course, one needs to be min. 12 years old with basic swimming skills and will get a Level one certificate after the course.

Level One: Kiteboarder – Discovery Course, in 9 hours at CNY5500 with equipment, normally in 3 days.

One will learn:

SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment

Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land

Kite setup

Safety systems use

Pre-flight check

Launch and land as an assistant

First piloting and exploring the wind window’s edge

Let go of the bar

Twist and untwist the lines

Fly one-handed

Trim introduction

Walk while flying the kite

Launch and land as a pilot

Wind window theory

Inflight quick-release activation


Equipment packing

Equipment Rental: including kite、Bar、board、Harness、wetsuit、lifejacket at CMY800/day, or one can rent one of them at CNY600/day for kite and bar, CNY150 for a board, a harness at CNY80/day, a wetsuit at CNY80/day, and a lifejacket at CNY60/day.

Hotels to stay: The training course takes place on Haikou’s west coast. There are many hotels nearby like Sheraton Haikou, Holiday Inn Haikou.

Hainan Kiteboarding Training Course, Kiteboarding in Hainan, Kitesurfing Kitesurf Courses and Certifications in Hainan

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