Day tour to Sanya Nanhai Guanyin & Luhuitou Park Sanya

Nanshan Temple Sanya Hainan Island

Location of Nanhai Guanyin Buddha Sanya Hainan Island:

Nanshan Temple, a Buddhist temple situated in Sanya, Hainan province, China, stands as one of the country’s most prominent cultural attractions. Nestled just 40 km west of Sanya City along the Hainan West-line Expressway, it’s conveniently accessible. Located 1.5 hours from Downtown Sanya, a mere 40 minutes from Sanya Airport, and a quick 15 minutes from Yazhou Ancient Town, it offers ease of travel to visitors.

Where is Luhuitou Park Sanya Hainan Island/Deer Park Sanya?

Luhuitou, a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides, graces the serene Sanya Bay, merely five kilometers from the city. Luhuitou Park sits atop a hill on the Luhuitou Peninsula, three kilometers south of Sanya city. Easily reachable within 30 minutes from Sanya Airport, 20 minutes from Yalong Bay, and 30 minutes from Haitang Bay, it provides panoramic views and tranquil surroundings.

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What to See and Do at Nanhai Guanyin Buddha, Sanya, Hainan Island:

Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha offer a profound glimpse into China’s traditional Buddhism culture. This cultural enclave, comprising the Nanshan Cultural Excursion Zone, the Felicity and Longevity Culture Park, and the Nanhai Cultural Customs Park, showcases exquisite Buddhist temples, breathtaking landscaping, and mesmerizing sea views. Its centerpiece, the Nanhai Guanyin Buddha, standing at 108 meters, is a remarkable sight, visible even from the airport.

History and Geography:

Built in 1988 to commemorate two millennia of Buddhism in China, Nanshan Temple covers 40,000 square meters and features Tang dynasty replicas. It is part of the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Zone, recognized as a AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration. Conveniently situated along the Hainan West Expressway, it serves as a beacon of traditional Buddhism culture.

SUMMARY: The Nanshan Cultural Park highlights China’s diverse social customs. The key feature of the zone is the three-sided statue of Guan Yin Buddha(海上观音 Haǐ shàng guān yīn), Buddhist Temples, spectacular landscape and sea views. The zone has been designated a Priority Project of China Tourism Development and earmarked for further development. Recently completed, the bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha stands 108 meters tall on a man made island in the sea just off Nanshan. It is larger than the statue of liberty.

Nanshan, with its harmony and beauty, is now a tourist destination attracting more and more tourists coming from all over the world. It is here that people can enjoy themselves not only in the great tropical ecological environment with sunshine, sea, sand, blossom and greenery but also can feel with heart deep within the real beauty of peace and harmony of Buddhism culture and terse the joyfulness of returning to the nature.

You must visit Nanshan Culture Center for the following reasons even if you have no interest in Buddhism:

  1. Views of the majestic Nanhai Guanyin Buddha, towering over the ocean.
  2. Serene gardens adorned with tropical flora.
  3. A chance to savor unique vegetarian cuisine.

You could visit by public transportation which costs CNY20/person/way from hotels on Yalong Bay, CNY15/person from hotels on Dadonghai Beach, CNY10/person from hotels in downtown Sanya and CNY7/person from hotels on Sanya Bay. The bus runs from 7 am till 6 pm every 20 minutes a bus.  Bus Number is 16, 25, 24 & 15.

Luhuitou/Deer Park Sanya Hainan6

What to see or do in Luhuitou Park Sanya Hainan Island?

Luhuitou Park, also known as Deer Park, perched atop Luhuitou Peninsula, offers panoramic views of Sanya City and the South China Sea. Its centerpiece is a 12-meter-tall statue commemorating the legend of a brave young hunter and a transforming deer. Visitors can enjoy daytime and nighttime experiences, including shopping and dining facilities.

The Legend of Luhuitou:

Legend has it that a young Li man named Ahei chased a deer for nine days and nights until it transformed into a beautiful girl. They fell in love, married, and together, overcame a tyrant emperor. Today, Luhuitou Park stands as a testament to their enduring love story.

Why Visit Luhuitou Park, Sanya, Hainan Island:

  • Breathtaking views of Sanya City and the South China Sea.
  • Intriguing attractions such as Monkey Mountain and Lover’s Island.
  • Opportunities to immerse in nature and taste local delicacies.

Explore Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Luhuitou Park:

Embark on a private day tour to these enchanting destinations, priced at CNY499/person. Enjoy hassle-free transfers and admission to both parks, with a knowledgeable guide to enhance your experience.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park and Luhuitou Park:

Question: When do we start from our hotel and how long does this tour last?

Answer: It is a private tour, so you decide what time to start. Normally we recommend 9-10am.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit card with 3% surcharge, PayPal with 3.8% surcharge, bank transfer (no extra charge) , or you can guarantee the booking by your credit card and pay us cash on the departure day. We also accept payment by WeChat & Alipay.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick up & drop off is always from your hotel in Sanya or cruise terminal by private car or van.

Question: How long does the tour last?

Answer: It will take around 8-9 hours.

Day tour to Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park Sanya/Nanhai Guanyin Buddha Sanya Hainan Island & Deer Park Sanya

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