Wenchang Confusions Temple Hainan Island

Wenchang Confusions Temple Hainan Island8

Where is Wenchang Confusions Temple Hainan Island:

It is located in Downtown Wenchang.

What to see or do in Wenchang Confusions Temple Hainan Island:

Wenchang Confusions Temple文昌孔庙 was built in the year of 1042-1048 during the Song Dynasty. It was rebuilt in Min Dynasty in 1375 and was repaired many times in Qing Dynasty. It is the best kept ancient building in Wenchang Hainan Island.

There is an saint spring in Confusions’ Temple. The locals believe that students drinking the spring  will become very smart and get good marks in all exams.

Day tour to  Wenchang Confusions Temple Hainan Island is at CNY400/person, min.2 persons/trip with the following services:

Admission fee,  transfers by a private van


1, If you wish to have an English speaking staff for interpretation help, it costs CNY400/day. A professional English speaking tour guide costs CNY600/day.

2, Public Holiday booking is with 20% surcharge.

3, Free of charge for child under 1.2 meters.


Available departures

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