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Animals on Hainan Island, Hainan Island Animals, Tropical Animals on Hainan Island

Hainan Island is the perfect habitat for tropical animals such as Hainan black-crested gibbons, clouded leopards, monitor lizards, peacock pheasants, boas, butterflies, Asian crested goshawk, Chinese egret and jungle fowls. The ideal rainforest surrounding by towering old trees and abundant natural resources offer the species with an excellent environment. Located in the southernmost of China, Hainan Island, attracting visitors all year round from all over the world, is at the same time absolutely the most suitable fairyland for many kinds of animals. Following are some of the very special ones:

Hainan black-crested gibbon (Nomascus hainanus)

As one of four global famous anthropoid apes, Hainan black-crested gibbon Gibbon has been classified as National Class I animal by the State Government. It is an animal with great agility and as intelligent as a human being. In the late 90s, these species face the danger of extinction. The Nature Preserve in Bawang Mountain was set up in 2003. Now the number of gibbons has increased due to the arduous efforts of Hainan people.


The butterflies found their ideal place Hainan Island. There are more than 650 kinds of local butterflies in Hainan Island. The biggest Butterfly Park with the most diversity in China is located in Five Finger Mountain which is 2 hours’driver from Sanya, the tropical beach destination in China.

Clouded Leopard:

The Clouded Leopard is listed as one of the key protected animals in China. They live in the primitive tropical rainforest, but they are dying out. In recent 20 years, it is really hard to see them. They are clumsy on the ground but good at jumping over the trees like monkeys. They are solitary, around 50 kg average.

Peacock Pheasant:

Peacock Pheasant is the Grade 1 Protection Bird of China. The little charming peacock pheasants take shelter in the rainforest. They like many types of fruits and green food. The breeding season begins in March and may last until July. The hen will only lay one or two eggs per clutch. All the male peacock pheasants have extremely complicated displays and show with their beautiful feather to attract female peacock pheasants.

Boa on Hainan Island:

Boa is very easy to see the fascinating and scaring reptile in the tropical rainforest of Hainan Island especially in Bawang Mountain. Every year, around 10-20 thousand boas are bred in Bawang Mountain. Some of the local Li Minority take them as the bodyguard for their kids and barns. Boa is also listed as one of six rare species by China government.

Rhesus Monkey:

Nanwan Peninsula in the east of Hainan Island is the only tropical insular reserve of Rhesus Monkeys in the world. Rhesus Monkey has brown fur. They got mature at the age of 6. All adults have red faces and rumps. A female monkey will give birth to about 10-12 babies in her life. There are around 1500 rhesus monkeys living in 16 groups. They feed on seeds, roots, buds, fruit, invertebrates, bark and cereals. The rhesus monkey has been used widely for the medical test. Join our tour to visit the Nanwan Peninsula to visit the home of the Rhesus Monkey on Hainan Island

Hainan Eld’s Deer:

Around 400 Hainan Eld’s Deer live in Datian Nature Preserve which is the only one for Eld’s Deer in China. The Datian Nature Preserve is located in Dongfang County in the west of Hainan Island, about 1.5 hours drive from Sanya. Hainan Eld’s Deer is listed among the Grade I animals by China government for its values in scientific and medical researchers. They have a very sensitive vision, smell and hearing abilities. They are also good at jumping, sometimes over a 5 meters’ gully. Hainan Eld’s Deer like to walk around during sunrise or sunset which is also a perfect time for visitors to watch them.

So above are the most important tropical animals on Hainan Island.

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Animals on Hainan Island, Hainan Island Animals, Tropical Animals on Hainan Island