Explore the Best Hainan Tourism Road Tour Packages for Your Ultimate Vacation Experience

Hainan Tourism Road is a scenic coastal road that stretches along the coast of Hainan Island in China. It is known for its stunning ocean views, sandy beaches, and lush tropical landscapes. The road offers a picturesque drive with opportunities to stop at various attractions, including resorts, fishing villages, and cultural sites.

Day 1 Arrival in Haikou

Airport pick up and Haikou City Tour

Qilou Old Street Haikou Hainan

Hotel in Haikou:

Haikou Mingguang Shengyi Hotel 海口明光胜意酒店

Haikou Mingguang

Day 2 Haikou Day Tour

Visit Qilou Old Street, Wugong Temple and Hainan Provincial Musuem

Hotel in Haikou:

Haikou Mingguang Shengyi Hotel 海口明光胜意酒店

Day 3 Haikou to Lingao

Check out hotel in Haikou to visit Volcano Park, Lava village, drive along the Hainan Tourism Road to Lingao (around 150KM) with a few stops at local villages and beaches

Hotel in Lingao:

Lingao Vienna Hotel临高维也纳酒店

Day 4 Lingao to Ocean flower island

Drive along the tourism road, and check in hotel

Hotel in Ocean flower island

Ocean flower Castle Hotel海花岛欧堡酒店

Day 5 Ocean flower island to Sanya

drive along the tourism road to Sanya with a few stops on the way ( local villages, beaches) and visit Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park

Hotel in Sanya

Sunshine Resort Intime 银泰酒店 ( beachfront with a great pool)

Day 6 Day Tour in Sanya

Yalong Bay Tropical Rainforest Park, Yalong Bay Beach, Sanya Romance Park with legend Show

Hotel in Sanya

Sunshine Resort Intime 银泰酒店

Day 7 Day Tour in Sanya

Visit Binglanggu Local Minority Culture Park, Luhuitou Hill Park

Hotel in Sanya

Sunshine Resort Intime 银泰酒店

Day 8 Sanya to Qionghai

drive along the tourism road to Qionghai with a few stops on the way ( local villages, beaches) with visits to South China Sea Museum, Xincun Fishing Village and Xinglng Botanical Garden

Hotel in Qionghai


Day 9 Qionghai to Haikou

Drive along the tourism Road to Haikou with a few stops on the way ( local villages, beaches, Wenchang Rocket Launching Center, Dongjiao Coconut Forest) with visit to wenchang City Center,

Confusiou Temple, Mulan Bay, Puqian Old Street

Hotel in Haikou:

Haikou Mingguang Shengyi Hotel 海口明光胜意酒店

Day 10 Haikou Airport dropp off, end of the tour 

Hainan Tourism Road Travel Packages:

  • CNY6999/adult (based on twin sharing). min. 10 persons/trip,
  • CNY7299/adult(based on twin sharing).min 8 persons/trip 
  • CNY5999/adult (based on twin sharing). min. 6 persons/trip,
  • CNY6799/adult (based on twin sharing). min. 4 persons/trip,
  • CNY7599/adult (based on twin sharing). min. 2 persons/trip

The Hainan Tourism Road Packages mentioned above encompass the following services: 

  • 9 nights standard hotel rooms (twin sharing)
  • Daily breakfast, local tax and service charge.
  • Private transfer for the above schedule with a local driver
  • Admission fees to the above-mentioned attractions.

For group of 8 or 10 persons, a Chinese speaking Tour Guide and 16 local meals are included in the packages.

Looking to plan your 9-night stay along the scenic Hainan Tourism Road Tour Package? The above itinerary serves as a guide to help you organize your trip. We are more than happy to personalize it for you. Simply reach out to to request a tailor-made package for your family or group, complete with your preferred hotels and attractions to explore.

Based on the new visa waiver policy, tourists from 59 countries can visa-free to Hainan Island

Explore the beauty of Hainan Island with our exclusive Hainan tourism road packages

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