Shopping in Yalong Bay Sanya Hainan Island, Yalong Bay Shopping Guide

For most people who have visited Yalong Bay, there were no real shopping places to go, not to mention local shopping or local restaurants. Now tourists must change their idea. From Dec 2016, the Yalong Bay No. 1 Outlet 奥特莱斯亚龙湾小镇 is in business with big shopping and local dining choice for Yalong Bay visitors and tourists.


What to buy at Yalong Bay No 1 Outlets:

Located about 5 minutes drive from Yalong Bay Resorts,  the Yalong Bay No. 1 Outlet 奥特莱斯亚龙湾小镇 is the best choice for Yalong bay visitors. There are international brands at reasonable prices, and also local choices. Caddie’s first local restaurant for Hainan Noodle 大椰一粉 is also available. There are also local seafood, international fast food like Subway and Starbucks Coffee. For local shopping, please visit a big supermarket with many local foods, drinks, and grocery.


Good Shopping Experience:

Different from local crowded shopping area in downtown Sanya, the Yalong Bay No. 1 Outlet 奥特莱斯亚龙湾小镇 is quiet, clean and well managed. For Caddie, it seems now she can do all shopping in Sanya, not need to visit Hong Kong or Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island.