Hainan Island Drive Rental, Cheap Car/Limo Rental on Hainan Island

Hainan Island Car Rental, Sanya Car Rental, Haikou Car Rental, Rent a car in Haikou & Sanya


Renting a car to drive around is the best way to explore Hainan Island. Based on the new policy, it is possible to rent a car in Haikou & Sanya with your home country license by applying for a Hainan temporary driving permit on Hainan Island, so it will be another choice for your Hainan holiday experience after Hainan Island Tour Bus Rental with a local driver.

How to rent a car in Sanya & Haikou?

To drive on Hainan Island or rent a car in Sanya or Haikou, all drivers must first get a Hainan Temporary Driving permit in Sanya or Haikou City center after arrival with passport copy, visa copy, your home country license copy. So please make sure you have all your documents ready for your Hainan Temporary Driving Permit. The service is only available in Haikou & Sanya Police station on working days, working hours. So please contact us to confirm that you could manage to get your Hainan Hainan Temporary Driving permit on time.

We can always make a booking of a car rental with your Chinese driver’s license, we will arrange delivery to your hotel or the local police office. Full payment rental is requested upon confirmation. Upon delivery, please check the car with the rental company and mark the damages if on the delivery paper, and pay them a damage deposit.

On your last rental day, the rental company may pick up the car from a confirmed point or you can leave the car at Sanya Train Station or Sanya/Haikou Airport, we will confirm with you one day before. The rental company will keep a deposit of CNY2000 -5000 depending on car modules and shall refund to your debit card or bank account 30 days after the car delivery if there is no bill from the local police.

It is not possible to drive in China with your international driver’s license. so please convert your international license to a Hainan temporary driving permit.

Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island 24 hours Rental (not valid for public holidays), min. 3 days, more modules are available upon request, subject to final confirmation.

Vehicle module Cost/day in CNY
compact car Honda Fit 本田飞度1.6 350
Geely Boyue SUV1.8T 吉利博越 400
Volvo V90 CC 2.0T 550
Buick GL8 600


Please note the following requirements on car rental in Haikou & Sanya:

  1. All insurances are covered.
  2. Never drive the car out of Hainan Island.
  3. Rentals are per day for 24 hours.
  4. Major credit cards are accepted for deposit and payment with a 3% surcharge.
  5. Pick up or Delivery at Sanya Airport from Sanya or Haikou Airport from Haikou costs CNY200/way/car. The extra cost is CNY100/way to have the cars delivered to hotels CNY150/way to or from Haitang Bay
  6. 20%-50% supplement for all Chinese and International Public Holidays.
  7. Please make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance, subject to availability and final confirmation。
  8. It costs a day’s rental to have delivery in Haikou and returning the car in Sanya (or vice versa)

Hainan Island Car Rental, Sanya Car Rental, Haikou Car Rental, Rent a car in Haikou & Sanya with your home country license