Hainan Island Private Tour Bus Rental Services, Private Car/Van rental with a local driver on Hainan Island

Based on Hainan Island China, we offer day tour transfer services with a local driver on Hainan Island

Remarks on Hainan Island Daily transfer services:

  • Our offer is for a non-holiday period, 50% surcharge applies during Chinese & International Public Holidays.
  • Reservation is requested 72 hours in advance, and subject to the final confirmation and availability.
  • A 50% deposit is requested upon confirmation, and the deposit paid is non-refundable for cancellation advised 48 hours before the arrival date. Bookings during Chinese & International Public Holidays are non-refundable.The driver works up to 9 hours/day between 8 am and 8 pm
  • Rental includes accommodation and lunch for a driver.
  • You need to pay the driver CNY50/meal if you keep your driver for dinner within 9 hours.
  • If you need to keep the driver for late dinner or shopping after 8 hours, please pay an extra hour charge CNY100/hour and his dinner CNY50/meal.
  • Tipping policy: it is not compulsory, but if you are happy with his service, please tip our driver. Normally in China, the tip is around CNY100/day from the group.


Vehicles Modules for Hainan Island Tour Bur Rental Services:

Following are major modules we suggest, may not be 100% the same for each service


For a compact, we use  Honda Fit or similar.


Our van is Refine Van made in China with big space or similar.

Volvo V90 CC

Mini-bus service is by Ford Van or Yutong Bus (Made in China)


How to book Hainan Island Day Tour Transfer Services and make payment? 

Please fill the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  For non-public holidays, we ask 50% down payment and balance to our driver upon arrival. If you book for Chinese & International Public Holidays, 100% payment is requested upon confirmation.

We accept payment by bank transfer, Paypal with 4.8% surcharge, a credit card with 3% surcharge. Or you can also pay by WeChat at no extra cost.

Caddie, the owner of www.sunnyhainan.com has an account in POSB Singapore. You can make an easy transfer on ATM.

Why you should book Hainan Island Day Tour Transfer Services with us:

  • We are based on Hainan Island with the best local knowledge, so we will help you with planning your Hainan Island vacation.
  • NO hidden cost. Our offer is all-inclusive of driver’s accommodation, lunch, parking fee, gasoline, and tolls.
  • With our day rental services on Hainan Island, you decide where to go and what to do with our suggestions.
  • We offer tailor-made travel plans for your family only.
  • No compulsory shopping. If you do wish for some shopping, our driver sends you to local shopping markets where local people go.
  • You have our 24-hour personal support both in English & Chinese.

Hainan Island Local Transfer Services:

Hainan Island Private Day Tour Transfer Services, Private Car/Van rental with a local driver on Hainan Island