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Haikou Hainan Travel Guide, all about Haikou: Location, population, climate, shopping center, Transportation, Places to visit in Haikou

Language of Haikou Hainan Island

Mandarin is Haikou’s official language. In most 5-star resorts, the management and staff can communicate in English. But don’t expect any staff in a department store, local restaurant or shopping mall to understand English. Very few drivers understand English. So we suggest that you get cards for your destinations like a restaurant or a supermarket so that you could show the taxi driver. Please make sure that you have a copy of the hotel/resort address in Chinese.

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Payments Method/Currency in Haikou Hainan Island

Cash is always the most popular way to make payment and it is the easiest way. You could pay by credit card in 4–5 star hotels. For dining outside the hotels, renting a car, airline ticket purchasing and shopping, cash payments are requisite.

ATM is very popular now in Haikou Hainan Island. You could draw cash from your debit card or credit card. The daily amount you could draw is limited. If you wish to draw cash from your credit card in a bank office or get exchanges, a copy of your passport is a must.

For Chinese, payment by Alipay or WeChat is the most popular one now in China by just scanning a Code.

Money Exchange in Haikou Hainan Island

Exchange service is available in most of the hotels and all banks. The exchange rate fluctuates with international market conditions.

Please note you can change money only in the hotels you stay, and you need to show your passport. And the kind of changeable currency is limited.

Also, and extremely important – Chinese banks are extremely fussy about the condition of any currency. They refuse to accept any foreign currency that is even very slightly torn, marked, written on, or defaced in any way. Any sticky tape on notes will also result in them being refused for exchange. So to ensure that you only bring pristine foreign currency paper notes.

To know more about the exchange rate, please check out from the Bank of China. In most hotels, you could exchange the following currency into RMB: USD, EURO, GBP, HKD, SGD, JPY, AUD, CAD, DKK.

Taxes in Haikou Hainan Island

Haikou has no VAT (value added tax). All the rates quoted include tax.

Safety & Security in Haikou Hainan Island

Keeping safe in Haikou is simple. Just follow the same common-sense rules that you would follow anywhere. Lock your car and keep your valuables within sight and reach. Use the safe box in your room or at the reception in the hotels. Contact the Assistant Manager at your hotel anytime you need assistance.

Emergency Telephone Calls in Haikou Hainan Island

Dial 110 for police, 119 for fire and 120 for the ambulance. In Haikou Hainan Island, ocean safety is very important. Most of the resorts will advise guests by flags with different colors. If advised not to swim, please do not go. Please note that the hotels are not providing a safeguard, so swimming, as in most places around the world, is at your own risk.

Remember, whenever there is an emergency, please call the assistant manager of the hotel where you stay. Don’t call the emergency center as they don’t understand English.

Internet Connections/Broadband/Wireless connections in Haikou:

Internet access or connection is not a problem in Haikou Hainan Island. Broadband and Wi-fi are available in all hotels and resorts. Some hotels provide a computer in the room with wireless internet access in the lobby.

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Haikou Hainan Travel Guide: Language, Tax, Safety, Money Exchange and internet connections.