Night life in Haikou: Night Markets, Bars & BBQ

There is a lot to do during night besides day tours, beaches, and local food: Bars, Haikou Shows, Haikou Massage & Spa.

Haikou Bars, Most popular bars in Haikou:

Being a mom of 2 daughters, Caddie Lu doesn’t stay late very often, so she is not very much familiar with bars in Haikou. There are more than 100 bars in Haikou. After checking with her young friends, Caddie Lu would like to recommend a nice bar street on Haidian Islet named Haidian san dong lu (海甸岛三东路) which is a combination of bars, local restaurants & BBQ.

Haikou Massage for Haikou Nightlife:

  • A lot of places to go for good, cheap, safe massage in Haikou. Caddie Lu would like to recommend a chain with Massage & Spa Treatment named Huaxianzi 花仙子 (Means Fairlady).
  • Changmao Square, Long Kun Nan Road (Headquarter)海口市龙昆南路昌茂广场1—3楼
  • Hainan Airlines Building Haixiu Road, Haikou 海口市海秀大道海航大厦旁
  • Wenzhou Building No.18 Jinlong Road 海口市金龙路18号温州大厦1-3层(湖南人酒店对面)
  • Haidian San Dong Lu (Opposite China Telecoms Building) 海口市海甸岛三东路(市电信局对面)

Night Markets in Haikou:

Haikou Night Life

Night Market is a big part of Haikou’s nightlife as it is too hot to stay around during Day time. So for local people in Haikou, join their friends at Night Markets for late supper or BBQ or just some beers are a very big part of Haikou people’s daily life. To experience local life, you must try Haikou’s night market at the following addresses:

  • The South Gate of Hainan University 海大南门夜市
  • Haikou Garden Night Market海垦花园夜市
  • Jinpan Night Market 龙华区金盘特色夜市
  • Fudi Night Market琼山区福地美食街特色夜市
  • Wentan Night Market 琼山区文坛路特色夜市
  • Donghu Market 东湖嘉丰特色夜市

So with the above information, we believe you will experience great nightlife in Haikou with the night market, BBQ & local bars.

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Haikou’s Nightlife: Night Markets, Bars & BBQ