Getting to Wenchang Hainan from Haikou & Sanya

Wenchang Confusions Temple

Wenchang Hainan Transportation Guide:

Day Car rental in Wenchang, Train to Wenchang from Haikou & Sanya, Private Transfer from Haikou & Sanya to Wenchang.

Wenchang does not have its own airport; the nearest airport is Haikou Meilan, approximately a 40-minute drive from Wenchang City Center. The Haikou Meilan Airport features a train station, conveniently located 20 minutes away from Wenchang Train Station.

Train from Haikou Meilan Airport/Haikou City Center to Wenchang:

The train journey takes around 20-30 minutes from Meilan Airport/Haikou City Center to Wenchang.

The train station at Haikou Airport is Meilan Station (美兰), while the city center station is Haikou East Station (海口东站).

Booking train tickets online is possible, but the website is in Chinese, and payment requires a Chinese credit card. However, we can assist you with a booking service, incurring a 15% service charge. Tickets can be reserved up to 28 days in advance. Upon making a reservation with your passport details, a confirmation letter will be emailed to you, allowing you to collect your tickets at the train station upon arrival. Tickets are refundable up to 2 hours before departure with a 20% cancellation fee, or 50% within 2 hours after departure. Changes to the departure time are possible with a one-time adjustment.

Example Prices:

  • Haikou Airport to Wenchang Station (second class seat) at CNY20/person + 20% service charge
  • Sanya to Wenchang Station (second class seat) at CNY77/person + 20% service charge

We recommend our private transfer services to Wenchang from Haikou Airport/Downtown Haikou/Sanya for the following scenarios:

  1. You are traveling with a significant amount of luggage, as local taxis have limited luggage space due to carrying LNG tanks.
  2. You are traveling with family members, and one taxi is insufficient.
  3. You prefer to avoid waiting in long taxi queues.
  4. You want to avoid uncertainties upon arrival, such as taxi availability and potential high pricing.
  5. You are traveling with senior citizens or toddlers, and the convenience of a private transfer is preferable over navigating public transportation from Haikou Airport/Sanya to Wenchang Train Station.

Haikou and Sanya Airport Pick up/Transfer Service to Wenchang/Boao/Qionghai

For a seamless visit to Wenchang, consider booking our private travel package, which includes hotels, transfers, and tours.

Wenchang Transportation Guide, Train to Wenchang from Haikou & Sanya, Private Transfer from Haikou & Sanya to Wenchang