Explore Hainan Island by The World’s First Loop Train, Car Rental or with a local driver

There are several ways to explore Hainan Island by yourself including train, bus, car rental or a rent car with local driver.

Hainan Island’s high speed loop train is the best option to explore the Island on your own 

The built of the world’s first circular high-speed railway line on Hainan Island is a landmark achievement in China high-speed railway expansion. Now Hainan Island’s high speed loop train makes it easy for passengers to go around the island while enjoying a great landscape of the east coast of Hainan Island: mango tress, rice fields, mountains, rivers, villages,  If you have a flight to catch from Haikou Airport, the best option is to take express train from Sanya to Haikou Meilan Airport and enjoy the great landscape along the east coast of Hainan Island

There are trains from early morning 7am till 10pm daily. As the trains are always very busy, it is highly recommended that you have your tickets booked in advance. The east coast line is shorter than the west coast line. There are direct trains between Haikou East Station (The station in downtown Haikou) and Sanya within 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you arrive at Haikou Meilan Airport and will travel to Sanya in the south, the best option is still the high-speed train. Again it is highly recommended that you have your tickets booked in advance.

Hainan High Speed Railway/Bullet Train Tickets Booking: 


How to book high-speed train:

To book you high-speed train ticket, a copy of your passport is a must. Tickets are available for booking 15 days in advance, subject to last confirmation.Once reservation made with your passport details, a confirmation letter with your booking details will be sent to you via email.You must present your passports to get hard copy ticket before departure.You must check in with your ticket and passport.

Child rate: Child less than 1.2 meter in height travel free with parent (s), but no seat. Child between 1.2-1.5 meters get 50% off the normal prices. Child more than 1.5 meters high have to pay adult rate. As no seat is available for child travel free with parent(s), we suggest that a child ticket should be purchased if you wish your child to have her/his own sea.

Refund Policy: Refund must be advised 2 hours before departure time, and refund fee is 20% of the ticket cost.
Amendment Policy: It is possible to have departure time amended to the same day trains within 2 hours after original departure time free of charge, but only once.

Estimated Travel Time and Stations of Hainan High Speed Loop Train along the East Coast:
Haikou East 海口东(the major station in Haikou City Center)  4 minutes Meilan Airport 美兰机场 20 minutes Wenchang文昌 10 minutes Qionghai琼海 10 minutes Boao博鳌 18 minutes Wanning 万宁20 minutes Lingshui陵水 25 minutes Sanya 三亚

To explore the Inland Hainan Island by bus:

There are buses running between all the cities on the island. To visit the inland part of Hainan Island like Wuzhishan and Baoting, travel by bus is always a good choice economically. Bus tickets are now available to book on-line, but only in Chinese.

To enjoy a convenient and fast travel by private car with local driver or a local taxi:

For sure, a private car/van with local driver is always the easiest way to explore the island

To rent a car for self drive on Hainan Island in Sanya & Haikou

With your Chinese or International driver’s license, self drive always assures flexibility and cost saving.