Tongguling Wenchang Hainan Island, Tour to Tongguling Wenchang

Tongguling Wenchang Hainan Island

Tongguling Wenchang Hainan Island 文昌铜鼓岭 is located in Yunlong Bay Wenchang, the very northeast point of Hainan Island.

Tongguling provides an easy escape from the busy downtown of Wenchang and have a stunning view on the coastline of Hainan island covered by hundreds of thousands of coconut trees.

At Wenchang Bus Station, take a 1-hour bus to Longlou 龙楼 and change a tuk tuk taxi to Tonggu. The drivers will either take you to the entrance of Tonggu or up to the submit . The road is well-constructed and paved and it only takes 40 minute walk to go to the top. To avoid troubles, you better arrange when the drivers should take you back to Longlou. The last bus from Longlou to Wenchang leaves at 7 pm but taxi can be found anytime. Please note foreigners may be refused to enter due to safety reasons.

Tongguling Wenchang Hainan Island4

As it is far from Haikou or Sanya, we don’t offer a day tour to Wenchang Tongguling文昌铜鼓岭 but cover this place in our Hainan Island  Travel Packages.

Travel Packages with Wenchang Tongguling铜鼓岭:

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Tongguling Wenchang Hainan Island文昌铜鼓岭