Sanya Hainan Transportation Guide

Sanya Transportation Guide/Getting Around in Sanya by local bus, taxi or drive rental

It is easy to get around or find a local transportation in Sanya Hainan Island. You will find several ways to get around in downtown Sanya Hainan Island.


Taxi is available all over Sanya. It can take you anywhere you want. The drivers don’t speak English So ask your travel agency or hotel staff for help. They may tell the driver where to go and write down your address. Taxi in Sanya uses meters now, please tell the driver to put on the meter.
Taxi Cost for your reference only. As Dadonghai Beach is the center of Sanya Tourism, all rates ARE from Dadonghai Hai Beach for your reference:
Dadong Hai Beach to Downtown, Bus Station: CNY10-20/way depending the distance
Dadong Hai Beach to Yalong Bay: CNY50-60/way
Dadong Hai Beach to Sanya Airport: CNY50-60/way
Dadong Hai Beach to Sanya Train Station: CNY20-30/way
Dadong Hai Beach to the Ends of the Earth: CNY60-70/way
Dadong Hai Beach to Nanshan Buddhism Culture Center: CNY100-110/way
Dadong Hai Beach to Nantian Hot Spring: CNY120-140/way.

It is easy now to download DIDI and order a taxi on line as long as you have the right location


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Getting around in Sanya by Local Buses:

Sanya is a small city. With local bus, you could visit each corner of Sanya. Within Downtown, it cost only CNY2-5/person.
A. From Dadonghai to the following places by No.15 Bus in about every 15 minutes:
Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay,West Islet and the ends of the Earth
B: Dadonghai to Sanya Bus Station & Jiefang Road (main street), Hongqi Street (local shopping street) by Bus .No.2, 8, 15, 18

C.Dadonghai to Sanya Train Station: Bus.4
D.Dadonghai to Lubi Caves, Hainan University Sanya College: No. 7
E: Sanya Airport: CNY10/person/way to Downtown Sanya and Dadonghai by No.8 Bus

Rent A Car/ Car Rental/Driving Travel in Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island
It is easy now to rent a car with Hainan Driver’s permit. So explore Hainan Island by drive rental

Mountain Bike:
Sanya is also a perfect destination for mountain biking. The cost is around CNY30-100/day. Or you can easily rent a bike on the street by scanning a QR Code.