Sanya Hainan Local Restaurants, Recommended Restaurants in Sanya

There are hundreds of Restaurants in Sanya. We are pleased to recommend the following local restaurants. Most local restaurants don’t have English menus. In some Restaurants, they only have pictures. All Western cafes offer menus with English. Remember all Good Chinese Restaurants are very noisy and busy.

Hainan Island China Popular Menu Chinese-English

Recommended Restaurants on Yalong Bay: There are at least 2 restaurants in each resort on Yalong Bay, you are always welcome to visit other resorts on Yalong Bay

Name Address Remarks
Crystal restaurant水晶宫 Yalong bay 公主郡 Seafood & Local Specials
Thai restaurant Mangrove Tree 红树林 Fried crab with curry
Lantingxuan Yalong Bay Villa 五号别墅 Hainan Local Specials
Korean Restaurant Horizon Resort 天域酒店 8 restaurants in Horizon
Italian Restaurant Ritz-Carlton 丽兹卡尔顿
Crowne Plaza   Crowne Plaza  华宇皇冠 Over 10 restaurants & bars
Japanese Food Marriot resort 万豪酒店

Restaurants on Dadonghai Beach大东海餐厅:

There are more than 50 restaurants in Dadonghai Beach area. Most are for seafood, some are for Russians with Russian menus, no English, some are with Chinese menus only. There are more choices on the beach side with gentle breeze, wonderful choice.

Name Address Remark
Dongjiaoyelin 东郊椰林 Dadonghai大东海 Local & Seafood
Aiwanting 爱晚亭 Dadonghai大东海 Spicy food
Dolphin bar 海豚西餐厅 Dadonghai大东海 Western food
BBQ Intime 银泰烧烤 Intime resort 银泰酒店 Daily Seafood BBQ

Restaurants on Sanya Bay & Downtown Sanya 三亚市区& 三亚湾:

Name Address Remark
Fat lady 肥婆海鲜 Downtown 胜利路 Local seafood
Amanda阿曼多烧烤 Downtown 步行街 Buffet BBQ
Yipinguo 一品锅 Sanya Bay 三亚湾 Seafood Hot Pot
Dong Bei Ren 东北人 Xiayangtia 下洋田 Noodles & Dumplings
Yilong 义龙海景渔村 Sanya Bay三亚湾 Seafood & Local Specials
Fat Daddy’s 胖老爸 Sanya Bay三亚湾 Western Food
Red Sun 红太阳 Sanya Bay 三亚湾 Spicy Hunan Food
Hetangshuixie荷塘水谢 Eadry Resort 爱德瑞酒店 Spicy Hunan Food
Siluhuayu 丝路花雨 Sanya bay 三亚湾 Muslim Restaurant
Chunyuan 春园海鲜广场 Downtown Sanya 春园路 Buy seafood & have them cooked your way

Restaurants on Haitang Bay:

For international food, tourists can only visit The International Hotels on Haitang Bay. For local food, we would recommend 2 places to go in Haitang Bay, one is 68 xiaozhen 环球美食, just outside of the Grand Hyatt Hotel where you will find all kinds of local food at reasonable prices; The other is the Haichang Fantasy Town 海昌不夜城 , which is a theme park with entertainment and restaurants.

So with the above information, you will find where to go for local restaurants in Sanya City Center, Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Beach.