Wenchang Local Restaurants Recommendations

Authentic Wenchang Local Restaurants

There are hundreds of Restaurants in Wenchang. We are pleased to recommend the following restaurants which are not for tourist, but local ones. Most local restaurants don’t have English menus. In some Restaurants, they only have pictures.

Name Address
Qiongwan Cai 琼菜王美食村 Wenjian Road 文建路京都酒店1(维嘉国际酒店对面)
Jufu Restaurant 聚福美食城 Yunyi Road 教育南路、云逸路
Changhui Chicken Rice Restaurant 昌辉鸡饭店 Yinbing Road 迎宾路

What to eat:
Wenchang Chicken
– thanks to the influence of overseas Chinese from Hainan, this is one of the most famous chicken dish in Chinese cuisine. Poached by warm chicken broth, the chicken is tender and tasty.

Tea house 茶馆 – Hainan is famous for its pervasive teahouse scenes. They are affordable for everyone but don’t expect much on sanitation and cleanness. If you don’t know how to get one, ask your hotel owner and they will be eager to show you one. Grab a cup of coffee and a slice of bread or cake for less than CNY10.

Baoluo noodles 抱罗粉– The rice noodles are soaked with a thick sauce traditionally served with beef jerky on top. Usually served at breakfast & lunch, it is easy to get good Baoluo Noodles along Yanjiang Road. Caddie Lu still misses the Baoluo rice noodles she had for breakfast. She finishes 2 bowls.

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