Hainan Local Food-Hainan Rice Noodles, Must try local food in Haikou

Hainan Noodles

Hainan Rice Noodles, must try Hainan local food in Haikou:

Think what you have normally for breakfast? Breads, Toast, Coffee & Tea. Here on Hainan Island , The Locals take noodles in different shapes with different ingredients for breakfast made of rice.

There are many Hainan Rice Noodles in different part of Hainan. In Wenchang, you will find more restaurants serving Baoluo Rice Noodles抱罗粉,either in soup or without soup. In Wanning Hainan Island, Local people normally take Houan Rice Noodles 后安粉 with pork in Soup only. While in Souther Sanya Hainan Island, most locals take Gangmen Rice Noodles港门粉 in soup for breakfast.

In Haikou, the capital of Hainan Island, the name of the Rice Noodles for breakfast is Hainan Rice Noodles海南粉 which is a must for all big events like wedding, funerals & birthday party.

So while in Haikou, follow the locals, try Rice Noodles for breakfast.

With some survey and personal taste, we would like to recommend the following restaurants.

Remember that the local only take Noodles are for breakfast only, so don’t wait till afternoon, or you will see a shut door only.

Good Local Restaurants to go in Haikou

宋记海南粉传承老店                 地址:海甸岛人民西里140号

罗家杏传统特色海南粉             地址:海口美兰区人民西里176号铺面

亚妹正宗海南粉店              地址:海口新民西路64号

双拥路海南粉店)                   地址:海口市秀英区双拥路01-16号

黄氏二老海南粉店                  地址:海口文明路52号轻工厂办公楼路东两侧临时铺面4号

原老机场路海南粉店      地址:海口美兰区银坡路24号

南大桥正宗海南粉老店   地址:海口市龙华区龙昆下村92号

If you read Chinese, then you can see from the above addresses, that the restaurants are normally in located in very local places, sometimes, even hard to find. So you need some basic Chinese languages to find the right places or go with your Chinese friends.

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Must try local food in Haikou