Sanya Day Tour to Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park with Binglanggu/Li Miao Minority Park.

Phoenix Hill Park or Fenghuangling Park 凤凰岭

Sanya Phoenix Hill Park Hainan Island5

To capture a breathtaking view of Sanya, the traditional spot has long been The Deer Park, also known as the Deer Turn Back Park. However, the new prime location offering a wider and superior vista is Phoenix Hill Park, or Fenghuangling Park, situated as the highest point in downtown Sanya.

Nestled in Downtown Sanya, Phoenix Hill Park offers awe-inspiring panoramic vistas stretching from Sanya Bay to Yalong Bay and the surrounding countryside. This park is particularly renowned for its spectacular sunset views over Sanya Bay. While reaching the mountain’s summit on foot is challenging, taking the easy cable car ride, lasting about 10 minutes, is the preferred choice for most visitors.

Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park槟榔谷:

Binglanggu Village Baoting Hainan4

Located in Baoting Hainan, a 40-minute drive from Sanya at the heart of Hainan Island, Binglanggu Village offers an immersive cultural experience. The name “Binglang” translates to “Areca” in Chinese, a tropical plant, while “Gu” means “Valley.” Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park seamlessly blends natural valley landscapes with artificial attractions, featuring three theme parks: Li Village, Miao Village, and Tropical Rainforest. Visitors can delve into the rich cultural heritage of the Li and Miao ethnic groups through captivating shows, authentic cuisine, traditional dwellings, exhibitions, and handicrafts. Don’t miss the mesmerizing performances by local villagers, including non-professional dancers and singers, some of whom are elderly grandmothers over 80 years old.

Unlike typical museum experiences where artifacts belong to the past, Binglanggu Park offers a unique glimpse into living traditions. The tools, customs, and ways of life showcased here remain unchanged for over 2000 years, reflecting the enduring cultural legacy of the local communities.

Tour Package to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park & Phoenix Hill Park:

Embark on an enriching 8-hour journey exploring Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park followed by Phoenix Hill Park in the afternoon.

Our private day tour costs CNY498/person (min. 8 persons/tour) with the following services:

  1. Entrance fee to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Park with VIP show tickets and golf cart transportation.
  2. Phoenix Hill Park with a round-trip cable car ride.
  3. Private transfers with a Chinese-speaking driver.
  4. English-speaking tour guide.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Park and Phoenix Hill Park:

Question: What time does the tour start from our hotel?

Answer: As it’s a private tour, the departure time is flexible, but we recommend starting at 9 am.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit cards with a 3% surcharge, PayPal with a 4.8% surcharge, bank transfers (no extra charge), or cash on the departure day. Payment via WeChat Pay and Alipay is also accepted.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick-up and drop-off are from your hotel in Sanya (Downtown & Sanya Bay) by private car or van. An additional charge of CNY100 per trip applies to guests staying in Haitang Bay & Yalong Bay.

Day Tour to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park & Phoenix Hill Park in Sanya Hainan Island

Available departures

The price is for 4 passengers/trip. If only 2-3 passengers in your group, please book for 4, then we will adjust by email.

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