Update July 19, 2022 Travel Restrictions to China

Updated Travel Restrictions to China as of July 19, 2022

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the China government has adjusted travel restriction to China, here is the update as of July 19, 2022.

China Covid-19 HainanWho can travel to China under COVID-19 pandemic?

Work visa Holders: Z visa, mainly issued to foreigners working in China.

Business visa holders: M visa is mainly issued to foreigners who need to come to China to engage in business and trade.

Private affairs visas holders: those are mainly issued to foreigners who need to visit relatives, reunite, and send their children to school.

Study visa x is mainly issued to foreign students studying in China

So, can tourists travel to China?

No, tourists visas are not available so far, tourists can’t travel to China under a normal tourist L visa to China.

When will China be open to tourists? So far, no further information available, hopefully by early next year 2023.

Though we don’t see when China will welcome international tourists back to China, China is really taking actions by shortening the centralized quarantine period for international travelers and close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases from 14 to 7 days,  and people who are close contacts of COVID close contacts will undergo seven days of isolation at home rather than centralized quarantine.

So the above is the update on Travel Restriction to China with no tourist visa available.

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