Bangkok Thailand to Hainan Travel Packages with Direct Flights

Thailand to Hainan Travel Packages with direct flights, Hainan Island from Bangkok,  Thailand Sanya/Haikou Hainan Direct Flights | Thailand Sanya/Hainan Tour Package | Customized Tour Package to Hainan Island from Thailand

With Hainan Visa Waiver Services, it is very easy now to visit Hainan Island from Thailand with direct flights from Bangkok to Haikou.

Direct Flights Schedule:

  • Departure: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • Arrival: Haikou Meilan International Airport, Hainan Island
  • Daily Flight HU7940 11:15 – 15:00

Return Flights Schedule:

  • Departure: Haikou Meilan International Airport, Hainan Island
  • Arrival: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • Daily Flight HU7939: 08:40- 10:10

Palace Resort Sanya Yalong

Making Your Travel Seamless:

Hainan Island Visa:

Benefit from the Hainan Visa Waiver Policy, allowing visa-free travel for tourists from 59 countries, including Thailand. The arrangement is facilitated by a designated travel agency on Hainan Island. Please note that travelers under the visa waiver policy are restricted to visiting Hainan Island and are not permitted to enter Mainland China.

Top Destinations on Hainan Island:

Map of Hainan Boao

  • Sanya: A southern paradise known for its pristine beaches and international resorts.
  • Haikou: The northern capital offering a blend of local life and modern amenities.
  • Central Hainan: Unexplored beauty with tropical rainforests and minority communities.

Activities on Hainan Island:

Indulge in the major tourist attractions, including beach activities, tropical rainforest hiking, scuba diving, and exploring local fishing villages. Energetic visitors can opt for adventurous pursuits like Wuzhishan river rafting and sailing.

Airport Transfers:

Enjoy hassle-free round-trip airport transfers with our visa waiver service (additional charges apply).

Accommodation Recommendations:

Tailor-Made Travel Packages:

Choose from our popular packages or customize your journey. Email us at with details such as the number of travelers, preferred hotel standards, and places to visit. We offer personalized services in English and Chinese, with drivers fluent in the Hainan dialect for seamless communication with local villagers.

Golfing Package to Sanya Hainan Island:

For golf enthusiasts, explore over 20 golf courses on Hainan Island with our recommended 5 Balls Golfing Package from Thailand.

Based on the flight schedule from Bangkok Thailand to Hainan Island, we have worked out the following packages from Thailand to Hainan Island: