Regarding Hainan Visa Waiver/ Visa Exemption (Updated as of March 7, 2024)

Documents required for Hainan visa exemption for 59 countries include a copy of your passport and proof of round-trip airfare.

It is imperative that you arrange for a direct flight to Hainan Island, specifically to either Haikou or Sanya airport, from overseas destinations such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Similarly, your return journey must also be a direct flight departing from Haikou or Sanya Airport to overseas locations, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, without any layovers in mainland China.

Should you opt for a connecting flight through any city in mainland China, even if you remain within the airport premises, it is essential to obtain a Chinese visa beforehand. While the Chinese government mandates that all visitors register with a local agency prior to arrival, it has been observed that many individuals have entered Hainan without adhering to this requirement. Therefore, it is feasible to avail of the Hainan visa waiver without registering with a local agency.

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Kindly take note of the following guidelines:

Visits to the Mainland of China are strictly prohibited.

Accommodation in private residences is permitted.

There is no obligation to join a guided tour; you have the freedom to independently


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