No more Covid-19 quarantine in Hong Kong

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From December 14, the quarantine time for entry into Hong Kong has been shortened to “0+0”!
From Hong Kong, China to Mainland and Macao, do not need to carry out nucleic acid testing at the port!
From December 14, people from outside China will enter Hong Kong without quarantine.
This means that starting from December 14, as long as people who are not infected with COVID-19 when they enter Hongkong, they will receive a blue code and don’t need quarantine “0+0” after entry. It’s only given a red code if it’s diagnosed!
Hong Kong has announced it will cancel nucleic acid tests at ports of entry to the mainland and Macao.

In addition to the above two new measures, Hong Kong will adjust its epidemic prevention measures in the following three areas starting December 14:

Passengers travelling from Hong Kong to the Mainland and Macao will be relieved of the “waiting for departure after doing the test” arrangement at the ports and airports. Passengers will be allowed to pass through with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.
The local nucleic acid testing strategy will be adjusted to focus resources on high-risk places or groups. The SAR government will reduce the number of mandatory testing announcements for residential buildings and instead issue more rapid testing kits in communities.
When the Mainland of China will be open to the world? It is said by Jan. 9.