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Wuzhishan Shuimanyuan Hainan Island

Location of Wuzhishan Shuiman Yuan Hotel:

Situated in Shuiman Town, near Wuzhishan Mountain/Five Finger Mountain, within walking distance of the Wuzhishan Mountain/Five Finger Mountain Tropical Rainforest hiking trail.

Description of Wuzhishan Shuiman Yuan Hotel at Hainan Island:

Wuzhishan Shuiman Yuan Hotel on Hainan Island is a budget accommodation option in Wuzhishan. Please note that the restaurant does not serve Western cuisine. This hotel caters primarily to Sanya locals seeking a summer getaway (May-August) from the bustling city. Many choose to stay 1-2 nights to climb Wuzhishan Mountain/Five Finger Mountain or experience the tropical rainforest and river rafting.

How to get to Wuzhishan Shuiman Yuan Hotel?

Option 1: Take a bus from Sanya Bus Station for CNY23/person, approximately 2 hours, or from Haikou Nan Bus Station for CNY56/person, approximately 4 hours, to Wuzhishan City Center. Then, board a public bus to Shuiman Town, which takes about 30 minutes. From there, take a local tuk-tuk (three-wheeled moto) to the hotel for around CNY15/way.

Option 2: Opt for our private transfer service at CNY800/way by car or CNY1000/way by van.

Rooms at Wuzhishan Shuiman Yuan Hotel at Hainan Island:

The hotel offers 35 rooms with basic facilities. Rooms are clean and equipped with hot water showers and Western-style toilets. Breakfast consists of Chinese cuisine only.

Standard Double/Twin Room: Equipped with basic facilities

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Wuzhishan Shuimanyuan Hotel Hainan Island, Wuzhishan Budget Hotel

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