How to get to Wuzhishan City

Located in the middle of Hainan Island, there is no airport nor train station connected Wuzhishan with the outside world, the only means of transportation is by bus. Wuzhishan is closer to Sanya, the most popular beach destination on Hainan Island. So most travelers will reach Wuzhishan from Sanya.

The bus ticket costs CNY23/person/way, the first bus from Sanya to Wuzhishan leaves at 06:50am, and the last one at 20:00pm. There are buses every half an hour. It is possible to book bus ticket in advance on line. The website is, but you have to read Chinese. The bus ticket cost is the same from Wuzhishan to Sanya CNY23/person/way, the first bus leaves at 06:50am from Wuzhishan to Sanya, and the last one leaves at 18:40pm from Wuzhishan to Sanya.

It is easy to reach Wuzhishan from Haikou South Bus Station. The cost is CNY57/person/way. The buses travel first along the east coast for about 2 hours on high way, then turn to west from Lingshui through the mountains for another 1.5 hours. The first bus leaves at 06:30am from Wuzhishan to Sanya, and the last one leaves at 17:15pm from Wuzhishan to Sanya.

There is another option to reach Wuzhishan along the middle road, the very inner part of Hainan Island. For sightseeing tour, we would strongly recommend the middle road to view a splendid Hainan. It takes about 5 hours, so please start around 9am so you won’t miss the wonderful landscape on the way. But the buses are not in very good conditions, maybe no air-conditioners. And the buses may stop on the way to pick up more guests.   There are buses at 6:30, 12:05, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 17:50 and the cost is CNY65/person. way.

For return bus ticket from Wuzhishan to Haikou & Sanya, please buy upon arrival at Wuzhishan Bus Stop especially during public holidays. Bus ticket are available for sale 3 days in advance.

For your easy reference, we have made this sentences both in Chinese & English, so you could show the counters if you don’t speak Chinese:

From Haikou to Wuzhishan 海口去五指山

I want to buy bus ticket to Wuzhishan (East line) 我想买去五指山的海汽快车(东线)

I want to buy bus ticket to Wuzhishan (Middle line) 我想买去五指山的车票(中线)
From Wuzhishan to Haikou 五指山回海口:

I want to buy bus ticket to Haikou (East line) 我想买去海口的海汽快车(东线)

I want to buy bus ticket to Haikou (Middle line) 我想买去海口的车票(中线)
From Sanya to Wuzhishan: 三亚去五指山

I want to buy bus ticket to Wuzhishan我想买 张去五指山的海汽快车

From Wuizhishan to Sanya 五指山回三亚

I want to buy bus ticket to Sanya 我想买去三亚的海汽快车