Hainan Island working permit application

A working permit is a long term visa which allows a foreigner to stay and work legally in China. So to work on Hainan Island, foreigners should get their working permits approved before they start their jobs.

Once a foreigner gets a job, his/her employer normally handles the working permit application. As a foreigner, the following documents are required for his/her working permit application

Work qualification certificate.

Highest education certificate or relevant approval documents, professional qualification certificates.

Certificate of non-criminal record issued by the applicant’s home country or country of long term residence (region)

Medical certificate

Applicants passport

Relevant supporting documents of accompanying family members.

For applicants who are already in China under other visas, please also prepare a copy of your residence permit (visa page, entry signature page, or residence permit information page).

Normally it takes about

There are 3 offices on Hainan Island where working permit applications are handled, 2 offices are in Haikou, and the other in Sanya. For applicants from other parts of Hainan Island, please contact the provincial office based in Haikou. Here are the contacts details:

海南省外专局 Provincial Office

Address: 海口市国兴大道海南政务服务中心60、61号窗口

Phone: 0898-65326830

海口市外专局 Haikou Office

Address: 海口市秀英区长滨路海口行政办公区6幢4004室

Phone: 0898-68720177

三亚市外专局 Sanya Office

Address: 三亚市文明路145号市政府第二办公大楼5楼

Phone: 0898-88291128

Hainan Working Permit Application