Hainan Epidemic Update: travel home from August 9

Thousands of travelers were stranded due to flight cancelation on August 6, and Sanya government has arranged free food and accommodations for those lucky tourists. The stranded tourists meeting the following criteria are allowed to travel home from August 9.

The criteria are: 

There is no confirmed case in the hotel within the past 7 days AND one is not suffering from fever, cough, loss of smell, or muscle pain in the past 3 days.

Tests requested before departure:

The stranded tourists in the non-epidemic areas with TWO nucleic acid negative reports in 48 hours (once a day)

The stranded tourists in the low-risk areas with THREE nucleic acid negative reports in 72 hours (once a day).

For tourists in the medium and high-risk areas, the same policy will be implemented once those areas are degraded to low-risk ones.

The Hainan government will arrange transfers to the airports and charter flights accordingly for those who have been stranded on August 6 due to flight cancellation at Sana Airport.

The Hainan government has set up hot lines for this special Services. We tried many times but had no luck: all the lines were either busy or not answering.

For those who have the flights booked in the coming days or delayed your stay due to flight cancellation, I guess you are able to leave under the same criteria.

I am not sure if you have to take kind of isolated or home quarantine upon arrival, or your green code will work. It depends on your destination government policy, so please check to make sure that you are not moving from Sanya quarantine to another.

The above is our translation from the local media with our own interpretation for your information only.

If you need any help regarding your flight or transfer home, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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