Tour to Hainan Local Fishing Village & Nantian Hot Springs

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Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island & Nantian Hot Spring Hainan Island, Good to enjoy in a rainy day

Where is Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island/Xicun Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island:

Sanya Fishing Village is located in Xincun about 1.5 hours driving from Sanya, a true local life experience: people who leave all their lives on the small boats. It is steps away from the monkey islet.

Where is Nantian Hot Spring Sanya Hainan Island/Pearl Nantian Hot Spring Sanya Hainan Island:

As a back garden of Sanya city, Nantian Hot Spring faces the mysterious Wuzhizhou Island across the sea, bordering the Monkey Island on the Southern Bay in the east and the Yalong Bay in the south, located on the Haitang golden triangle on the eastern coast. It is 30 minutes driving from Yalongbay or Dadonghai, Sanya Downtown.

What to see or do in Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island/Xicun Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island:

Lingshui is known for its very picturesque tropical scenery and its harbors are home to the floating villages. At Xincun Port in Nanwan Bay lies the largest community on the sea in Hainan, and is the home of more than 600 red-roofed houses owned by Dan Jia People (known as the Chinese “gypsies on the sea”). In Hainan, Dan Jia is not really an ethnic minority. They belong to the Han-nationality. The origin of Dan Jia can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. Their ancestors, which mainly came from Fujian and Guangdong provinces, battled with the winds.

The fishing village is not tourist destination. Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service is the only travel agency on Hainan Island who promotes this fishing village as destination for day tour as we want to show you the true life of the local fishermen.

The ride to the fishing village is also interesting, you will see many local plants, animals, kids after school on their ways, locals working in very local ways……

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What to see or do in Nantian Hot Spring Sanya Hainan Island/Pearl Nantian Hot Spring Sanya Hainan Island:

It is very popular in China to enjoy hot spring on their vacations as Asians believe that hot spring has a lot special effects on many diseases but it takes a long time. A day tour to Hot Spring is a way of relaxing.

Experts from the State Ore Reserve Committee and the State Health Department had tested out that the water in the hot spring contains a lot of gases and mineral elements that are good for human body, including carbon dioxide, sulfureted hydrogen, ammonia metasilicate, Li, strontium, Mn, Zn, fluorine and so on. And its content of silica acid is 68.5-117.5mg/L and fluorine is 2.04-7.7mg/L, both of which meet the standard for mineral water, and the content of Radon is 44.36-59.86Bq/L which also meets the medical value concentration standard.

Therefore, Nantian Hot Spring has the desirable medical value concentration standard and is a fluorosilicic remedy hot mineral water field.

It costs extra for all services like Massage, spa treatment. Please bring your own swimming wears. There are free locker in the Nantian Hot Spring Reception where you will get towels, slippers & shower.

Business Hours: 10:00-24:00, full services from 12:00 noon time.

Private Day Tour to Local Fishing Village & Nantian Hot Spring, Costs CNY699/person with the following services, min. 4 pax/trip:

Entrance fee to Nantian Hot Spring

Private transfers with Chinese speaking driver

Seafood lunch in a floating restaurant

Boat ride in Fishing Village


1, Public Holiday booking is with 20% surcharge.

2, Free of charge for child under 1.2 meters.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Fishing Village & Nantian Hot Spring:

Question: When do we start from our hotel?

Answer: It is a private tour, so you decide what time to start. Normally we recommend 9-10am for local lunch or we can start at 2 pm-3 pm if you wish to take dinner.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit card with 3% surcharge, paypal with 3.8% surcharge, bank transfer (no extra charge) , or you can guarantee the booking by your credit card and pay us cash on the departure day. We also accept payment by wechat & alipay.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick up & drop off is always from your hotel in Sanya by private car or van.

Question: Where to have your lunch?

Answer: You will have your seafood lunch on a floating restaurant in the fishing village.

Question: What shall you prepare?

Answer: Please bring your swimming suites and towels for clear water bay.

Question: How many hours you will take for this tour?

Answer: It will take around 7 hours.

Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island/Xincun Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island & Nantian Hot Spring/Pearl River Nantian Hot Spring Hainan Island/Good to enjoy in a rainy day

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LingshuiLingshui Hannan is located in the East South of Hainan Island, facing the South China Sea, connecting to Sanya in the south, bound to Baoting in the west, bordering Wanning Read more

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