Tour to Lingshui Fenjiezhou Islet with Dolphin Show & Local Fishing Village

Fenjiezhou Islet Lingshui Hainan Island

Where is Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet Lingshui Hainan Island?

Fenjiezhou, also known as Boundary Islet, is situated in Lingshui County, Hainan Island. It lies just off the southeast coast of Hainan Island, nestled between Lingshui and Wanning, within the picturesque Riyue Bay.

Location of  Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island

Sanya Fishing Village is nestled in Xincun, approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Sanya. Offering an authentic local life experience, this village embodies the essence of traditional maritime living, with inhabitants leading their lives on small boats. It is conveniently located near Monkey Islet.

What to see or do on Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet Lingshui Hainan Island?

Fenjiezhou, often referred to as the Sleeping Beauty Island of Sanya, is a charming small island located in the South Sea off Lingshui County. Just an hour’s drive from Sanya, it resembles a beauty gracefully adrift in the ocean, earning it the affectionate moniker of “Sleeping Beauty Island” among local fishermen. Initially developed as an uninhabited tourist area, it has since garnered national recognition, attaining the prestigious status of a 5A-class tourist attraction, the first of its kind in China.

The eastern shoreline of the island boasts dramatic cliffs, where white waves crash against rugged rocks, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Conversely, the western coast features a serene beach adorned with pristine white sands and swaying palm trees, offering a more tranquil ambiance. Here, the crystalline waters shimmer under the radiant sun, casting an enchanting glow.

Access to the island is swift, with a mere three-minute yacht ride. During low tide, visitors can explore the beach, scouring for crabs or collecting shells. The island’s verdant hills are adorned with various peculiar rock formations and lush tropical flora, complemented by a granite-slate path embellished with ancient Chinese currency carvings, adding to its allure.

Entertainment options abound, including yacht rides, motorboats, sailboats, banana boats, and parasailing. Visitors can marvel at tropical marine life, coral reefs, and unique rock formations. Dolphin sightseeing, submarine tours, and other aquatic adventures are also available, promising an unforgettable experience.

Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan

What to see or do in the Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan Island?

Lingshui is renowned for its picturesque tropical landscapes, featuring charming harbors dotted with floating villages. Xincun Port in Nanwan Bay is home to Hainan’s largest sea-based community, comprising over 600 red-roofed houses inhabited by the Dan Jia People, often referred to as the “gypsies of the sea” in China. While not officially recognized as an ethnic minority in Hainan, the Dan Jia trace their origins back to the Qin Dynasty, hailing mainly from Fujian and Guangdong provinces. They have preserved their unique lifestyle despite the winds of change.

The fishing village offers an authentic glimpse into the lives of local fishermen, away from the tourist trails. Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service is among the few travel agencies promoting this hidden gem, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the daily rhythms of coastal life. The journey to the village is as captivating as the destination itself, offering encounters with local flora, fauna, and the vibrant activities of everyday life, including schoolchildren, traditional craftsmen, and bustling markets.

Private tour to Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet/Island Lingshui Hainan with Dolphin Site & Local Fishing Village, costs CNY599/person with the following services, min. 4 pax/trip.

  • Entrance fee to Fenjiezhou Islet
  • Private transfers with Chinese speaking driver
  • Round trips ferry to Fenjiezhou Islet
  • Boat ride in Fishing Village
  • Seafood lunch in a floating restaurant


  1. We request min. 4 pax/trip.
  2. Public Holiday booking is with 20% surcharge.
  3. Free of charge for child under 1.0 meter.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Fenjiezhou Islet Lingshui Hainan Island:

Question: When do we start from our hotel?

Answer: It is a private tour, so you decide what time to start. Normally we recommend 8:30 am.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit card with 3% surcharge, PayPal with 3.8% surcharge, bank transfer (no extra charge), or you can guarantee the booking by your credit card and pay us cash on the departure day. We also accept payment by wechat & Alipay.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick up & drop off is always from your hotel in Sanya by private car or van.

Qustion: Where to have your lunch?

Answer: Our driver will recommend local restaurants to you.

Qustion: How many hours you will take for this tour?

Answer: It will take around 8 hours.

Lingshui Fenjiezhou Islet Hainan Island/Lingshui Fenjiezhou Island Hainan/Lingshui Boundary Islet Hainan/Lingshui Boundary Island Hainan & Local Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan/Xincun Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan

Available departures

The price is for 4 passengers/trip. If only 2-3 passengers in your group, please book for 4, then we will adjust by email.

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LingshuiLingshui Hainan rests in the southeastern corner of Hainan Island, overlooking the South China Sea. It shares borders with Sanya to the south, Baoting to the west, and Wanning and Read more

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