The First International Dragon Boat Team Training

The First International Dragon Boat Team Training

This is an unprecedented dragon boat team made up of foreigners in Sanya.

At 9:30 on the morning of May 18, 2019, a dragon boat team composed of foreigners gathered on the banks of the Sanya River. They are training for the first time for the Dragon Boat Race that will be held in the city on June 1st.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, which means that the annual Dragon Boat Race in Sanya has also kicked off. Authorized by the People’s Government of Tianya District of Sanya City, Sanya OFIA Company has established a dragon boat team composed of foreigners from different countries such as the United States, Canada and Russia.

 Under the scorching sun, the players first listened to the coaches to explain some basic boating skills and precautions. Later, they sat on the boat with their paddle in order, and each of them got a Chinese assistant.They rowed very well against the beat of the drum.

The team leader is Janet, a woman from the United States.  When talking about how this training feels, she said: “We’ve had lots of fun here, and the Chinese trainers on the boat helped us a lot.” It can be seen that she is a very serious and responsible team leader as she helped gather all the members here and tell them the right things to do.

 “I have lived in Sanya for decades, and it is the first time I have seen so many foreigners gather together to row dragon boats. It is really fresh!”said Mr. Liu,a resident watching on the shore. We also observed that most viewers smiled and raised their mobile phones to take pictures.

SOURCE from HelloSanya