• Business Double/Twin Room with Balcony

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Children and extra beds

All the special offers include buffet breakfast, local tax, and service charge for 2 adults/room/night.

Extra bed: CNY200/room/night with 1 person’s buffet breakfast, local tax and service charge.

Extra adult breakfast: CNY65/person/day.

Child breakfast: CNY33/child between 1.1-1.4 meters.

Free of charge for children under 1.1 meters.

kids less than 1.1 meters get free breakfast while staying with parents.


Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel Hainan Island文昌维嘉酒店: the best city hotel in Wenchang Hainan


Location of Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel文昌维嘉酒店:

Waika Hotel Wenchang is located right in the city center of Wenchang文城镇, 40 minutes drive from Haikou Airport and 60 minutes from Downtown Haikou. As a local 5 star hotel invested by overseas Chinese, it is so far the best hotel in the city center of Wenchang 文昌镇.

The hotel serves a buffet breakfast with some western food.

Rooms in Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel Hainan Island:

There are over 100 rooms in Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel, after personal checking, we would recommend Business Twin/Double Room: on 6-14 floors with balcony for its good money value. wenchang-waika-hotel-hainan-island9

There is a nice restaurant just across the street from Wenchang Waika Hotel named Qiongcai Renjia 琼菜人家, so far, the best place in Wenchang to taste authentic Wenchang Chicken and a lot of more local dishes at local prices.

If you are visiting relatives in nearby villages, Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel is the best place to be so far in Wenchang, it is about 30 minutes drive to majors towns in Wenchang including 东郊镇,龙楼镇,昌洒镇. To visit Wenchang Rocket Center, Wenchang Waika/Weijia International Hotel is also a good place to stay.


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