Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Services set up in Sanya

On August, 21st, 2020, a big ceremony was held to celebrate the establishment of Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Services at the Seminar on Innovation and Development of Cruise and Yacht Industry in Hainan Free Trade Port.

Sanya has great potential to develop the cruise and yacht industry with its unique natural resources and climate advantages. So far, there are 850 yacht berths in the ports of Sanya, as well as about 100 yacht-related companies in the industry chains. In 2019, Sanya’s yachting sailing records reached 100 thousand trips, and over 780 thousand people had experienced the cruise and yachting tourism in Sanya.

The Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Services will make full use of the Hainan Free Trade Port policy to improve the domestic yacht trading system, innovating yacht-related trading, leasing, and other financial services to match the international benchmark. The services of the Hainan Marine Trade Exchange will include yacht leasing, insurance, financial guarantee, use rights trading, and much more.