A new “shop and cook” seafood centre to open in Jiyang District

Jiyang Weclome Seafood Square, a new center for fresh seafood cuisine in Sanya, will be opened to the public at the end of this October.

Located at the east of Shantou Village in Jiyang District, the seafood plaza occupies a construction area of 13,644 square meters.

The square is filled with 127 stalls selling seafood and 110 restaurants that will cook the seafood for you for a small fee per dish, which makes it a super large seafood dining area that can accommodate 10,000 diners at once.

The seafood square is equipped with a wastewater treatment system, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access, and other supporting facilities such as 1,000 parking spaces and a food square caters to both tourists and locals looking for popular local snacks, Chinese regional cuisines, and other Southeast Asian flavors.

Thanks to the city’s proximity to the ocean and its expansive local fishing fleet, Sanya boasts hundreds of seafood restaurants and stalls offering a wide variety of seafood. Sanya’s seafood is famous for its freshness; local restaurants offer some of the freshest catches from up and down China’s southeast coast.

SOURCE: Sanya life