Train Journey around Hainan Island by Loop Train: Sanya-Haikou Day Tour of Hainan Island by High-Speed Loop Train

Hainan Island, China’s second-largest island after Taiwan, offers a unique opportunity for a comprehensive exploration thanks to the High-Speed Loop Train. Before 2011, traversing the island’s coastline took several hours. However, with the introduction of the loop train, it’s now possible to circle the entire island in a single day, traveling at speeds of up to 250 km/hour.


The One Day Hainan Island Loop Tour by High-Speed Train is ideal for those with limited time or transport options, providing a convenient and efficient way to experience the island’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.

Our travel schedule will be:

Departure from Sanya to Haikou East Station:

Board the train from Sanya, departing at 08:40 and arriving at Haikou East Station at 10:15. Along the journey, you’ll pass by scenic coastal attractions such as Haitang Bay, Clear Water Bay, Riyue Bay, and more.

10:15-14:15, Day tour in Haikou to visit Qilou Old Street, Wugong Temple and shopping:

Upon arrival in Haikou, embark on a city tour to explore key landmarks including Wugong Temple, offering insights into Hainan’s rich history and notable figures. Then, wander through Qilou Old Street, a vibrant hub showcasing the essence of Haikou’s city life. Enjoy a delightful lunch at a local teahouse restaurant, sampling a variety of authentic Hainanese dishes.

Qilou Old Street Haikou Hainan4

Return Journey to Sanya:

Depart from Haikou East Station in the afternoon, either on D7207 (summer) or D7116 (winter), and enjoy the scenic route back to Sanya along the island’s west coast, passing through Lingao, Changjiang, Dongfang, and Ledong.

hainan loop train

Package costs CNY558/person, min. 4 persons with the following services:

Loop Train Tickets, Pick up from your hotel to Sanya Train Station, Transfers in Haikou for sightseeing and city tour.

Sanya-Haikou Day tour of Hainan Island by High-Speed Loop Train

Available departures

The price is for 2 passengers/trip. If only 1 passenger, please book for 2, then we will adjust by email.

Select your tour date using the calendar below to book this tour.

This is a daily tour.



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