Guided Day Tour in Haikou:

Travel like a local in Haikou. This is a guided free & easy tour to experience life of a local Haikou people: restaurants they go for their daily meals, shops they go for their shopping, teahouse they visit every weekend. Try some local snacks, talk to some local people, visit their shops, restaurants, local market, no timed schedule, just go as your like.

Places to visit for this free & easy Haikou Tour:

Haikou arcade ancient street or Qilou in Chinese海口骑楼老街:

Qilou Old Street or Haikou arcade ancient street represents the arcade architecture that overseas Hainanese learned from Southeast Asia in the city center of Haikou. A Qilou basically stands three or four stories in height, with the ground floor set back halfway into the building, to be used as stores & shops. During the early 1920s, many Chinese merchants returned from overseas to their homes in Haikou after they made their fortunes in Southeast Asia. They were responsible not only for bringing about rapid economic development but also for introducing the unique architectural style to the city. Now Haikou Qilou Old Street is still the main shopping & dining street in Haikou. A visit to Haikou Qilou Street will show you the true Haikou life.

Dongmen Local Grocery Market东门市场:

Though there are already dozens of supermarkets in Haikou, Dongmen Local Grocery Market is still one of the favorite shopping places for the locals in Haikou as they believe that they can find good money value and fresh stuff at Dongmen Market. It is also a big wholesale market with everything you need for your daily life from clothes to dried seafood.

Mei-mei Village海口美美石头村 – a local village with stone walls, artillery buildings, and lush environment.

Located about 40 minutes’ drive from Haikou City Center, Mei-mei was built during China’s Yuan (1297 -1368) and the Ming (1368 – 1644) Dynasties. The village is a pleasant example of the natural lush, local environment, and village life. The village is famous for its old buildings constructed from volcanic stone. The stone buildings and gates are all well preserved, showing their original architectural characteristics.

Old Daddy’s Tea House 老爸茶店

Haikou is a beachfront city, but if you ask the local people how many times they go to the beach, most of them will say: once a year on the dragon boat festival. Beach is not important for the locals. For most Hainanese, Old Daddy’s Tea House 老爸茶店 is a place that almost every local visits all year round.

Old Daddy’s Tea House 老爸茶店 is a very busy snack restaurant serving tea, coffee, snacks, dim-sums all day long from early morning till late evening. It is normally not air conditioned with big fans, big tables with simple plastic chairs and an open kitchen.

So, the above are places to visit for guided Haikou Free & easy day tour. We are sure you will like this authentic tour schedule.

Cost of Haikou’s Authentic Free & Easy tour:

CNY350/person, min. 4 persons/trip including a van with a local driver and an English-speaking tour guide. For 1-3 persons/trip, the cost is CNY1200/day.

Pick up & drop off point:

Our driver & guide will meet all guests from their hotels in Haikou and drop off at the same hotel after the tour.

Reservation & Payment:

Please book 2 days in advance, subject to final confirmation and availability. Full cash payment is requested before the tour starts.

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Haikou Day Tour-Guided free & easy tour to experience Haikou’s daily local life as a local in Haikou Hainan Island with visits to the local grocery market, tea house, and a local village with stone walls.

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