Hainan/Sanya Day Tour to Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park with Binglanggu/Li Miao Minority Park, Travel Guide on Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling and Binglanggu/Li Miao Minority Park, The Fenghuangling Park Sanya to hava a great bird view of whole Sanya

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To have a bird view of Sanya, the traditional point is The Deer Park or the deer turn back park,  But the Phoenix Hill Park or Fenghuangling Park is now the new point with wider and better view. The Fenghuangling Hill is the highest point of Sanya downtown.

Located in Downtown Sanya, the hilltop park has stunning panoramic views of Sanya and the surrounding countryside, from Sanya Bay to Yalong Bay. This park is particularly worth a visit to catch the sunsets over Sanya Bay. It is possible to climb to the top of the mountain, but very difficult, up to min 2 hours. Most people will just take the easy cable ride in about 10 minutes.

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Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park is a local culture theme park located in Baoting Hainan, about 40 minutes drive away from Sanya to the middle of Hainan Island.

Binglang means Areca in Chinese, a tropical plant, Gu means Valley in Chinese. Binglanggu is a local Li & Miao Minority Culture Theme Park located in a nice valley full of Binglang.

LI People are the first inhabitants of Hainan Island, they moved to Hainan Island about 5000 years ago. The Li ethnic group of China mainly inhabits in the nine middle of the Island.; Miao Ethnic Group moved to Hainan Island 800 years ago, and now lives in the mountain areas in the middle part of Hainan Island.

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Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park is the right place to get known about local Li & Miao Culture by exhibitions, shows and real local Li & Miao people living there. Normally if you see something in a museum, it has disappeared in our real lives. But it is not the same situation in Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park: You see the shows, the exhibitions, and in the real lives of the local people, they still use the tools, or live their lives in the same ways even after 3000 years later.

Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park combines natural valley and artificial development with 3 theme parks: Li Village, Miao Village, & Tropical Rainforest. You will get known about the Miao & Li culture from the shows, food, real houses, exhibitions and handicrafts. Tourists show never miss the magnificent show by local non-professional dancers and singers, most dancers are the local villagers, even old grandmas over 80 years old.

To visit Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park only, half day is enough, the show lasts for 1 hour, then another 2 hours to walk around in the Li & Miao Villages, for our half day is for about 5 hours including travel time. To make a day tour, it is popular to to combine Binglanggu with Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park as both of them are in the middle of Hainan Island. Or you can combine the Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park tour with Yalong Bay Beach if you don’t stay in beach front hotels.

Our private day tour costs CNY558/person (min. 4 persons/tour) with  Entrance fee to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Park , Phoenix Hill Park, private transfers with Chinese speaking driver. The tour costs CNY1298 for 2 persons, and CNY1590 for 3 persons.

Questions on Hainan Island Private Land Tour to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Park and Phoenix Hill Park:

Question: When do we start from our hotel?

Answer: It is a private tour, so you decide what time to start. Normally we recommend 9am.

Question: How do we make payment?

Answer: We accept credit card with 3% surcharge, paypal with 3.8% surcharge, bank transfer (no extra charge) , or you can guarantee the booking by your credit card and pay us cash on the departure day. We also accept payment by wechat & alipay.

Question: Where do you meet your guide/driver?

Answer: Pick up & drop off is always from your hotel in Sanya by private car or van.

Day Tour to Binglanggu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park & Phoenix Hill Park in Sanya Hainan Island

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