• Family Room for 3 with Balcony

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  • Family Room for 4 with Balcony

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  • Garden View Double/Twin Room with Balcony

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  • Standard Double/Twin Room with Balcony

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Children and extra beds

All the special offers include buffet Chinese breakfast, local tax, and service charge for 2 adults/room/night.



Forest Inn at Wanning Riyuewan Surfing Beach on Riyuebay/Riyuewan Surf Beach:  Forest Inn at Wanning Riyuewan Surfing Beach, situated on Riyuebay, is a local 3-star hotel renovated in 2014, offering a prime location right on the surfing beach. Each room features a balcony, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour hot water, and Western-style toilets, ensuring a comfortable stay just steps away from the waves.

Forest Hostel Riyue Bay Wanning Hainan Island

Please be aware that none of the staff at Forest Inn speak English, and breakfast typically caters to Chinese preferences. For bookings or inquiries, kindly email Hainan Joy Tours & Travel Service Limited at caddie@sunnysanya.com.

Location of Forest Inn on Riyuebay/Riyuewan Wanning Hainan Island:

Forest Inn is ideally located on Riyuebay Surfing Beach, providing easy access to the waves and a picturesque setting on Wanning Hainan Island.

Rooms in Forest Inn Riyuebay/Riyuewan Wanning Hainan Island:

  • Standard Rooms (Side Building): Choose between a room with one king bed or two single beds, each equipped with a balcony.
  • Garden View Rooms (Main Building): Enjoy views of the lush garden from rooms featuring one king bed or two single beds, along with a balcony.
  • Family Room for 3 with Balcony: Perfect for small families, this room includes one king bed and one single bed, accompanied by a balcony.
  • Family Room for 4 with Balcony: Ideal for larger families, this room offers one king bed and one bunk bed, along with a balcony for relaxation.

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WanningXinglong, nestled just 90 minutes’ drive from Sanya, offers a sub-tropical escape with an average annual temperature of 20°C (68°F). While its spring mirrors Sanya’s warmth, with hot and humid

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There is no airport in Xinglong , the nearest one is Haikou Airport which is about 90 minutes away by car or 60 minutes away by high speed train. To visit Xinglong , you must land at Haikou Airport or Sanya Airport. Transportation Guide from Haikou to Xinglong: If you land at Haikou Meilan Airport before 10pm, the best option is to take the east express train from Haikou Meilan Airport  to Wanning Station within 60 minutes, and the cost is only CNY46/person/way, then you have to take taxi from Wanning Train Station to Xinglong around CNY100/way/car. If you wish to visit Xinglong  from downtown Haikou, the best option is to take bus from Haikou South Bus Station (海口南站)in around half 2 hours, the cost is CNY49/person/way, and there are buses from 07:30am till 7pm. The return trip is similar, to Haikou Airport, the best is to take the express train from Wanning Station. Bus & train tickets are available for sale on line, but you must read Chinese to book the tickets in advance. During public holidays, you are advised to buy the train & bus tickets at least one day in advance to secure your seat. Transportation guide from Sanya to Xinglong : If you plan to visit Xinglong  from Sanya, the best option is to take bus from Sanya Bus Station 三亚汽车总站 within 2 hours at CNY27/person. Train is not a good option as you will get off at Wanning Train Station, not Xinglong, and it takes another half an hour to Xing Long Town.  There are many buses to Xinglong, not to the town center, but the high way exit, from where you have to take tuktuk to Xinglong town center. Please make sure that you get ticket to Xing Long town center, not high way Xinglong Exit兴隆路口 Though Xinglong Hainan is only 90 minutes driving from Sanya, but it  enjoys a sub-tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 20°C  (68F). Xinglong''s Spring (April till June) is hot with humidity, almost same temperature as Sanya, the only beach destination on Hainan Island, and the high summer temperature brings heavy rain. Summer ( July-September) is a season of typhoons and rain storms. October & November is very nice in Xinglong, warm and dry. But in winter it can be very chilly and rainy from December till March, not possible to swim in the ocean or swimming pool. So in winter, Sanya is the best destination for your Hainan Holiday. In Caddie's option, it is better not to visit Xinglong and its surrounding area in Winter (December till February), but come to Sanya. Raining Season July till September is not too hot, actually the highest temperature is around 34°C  While the temperatures in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou could be over 38°C. So basically speaking, Xinglong is actually cooler than those big cities. With the help of tropical showers or typhoon, day temperature could easily drop down to 25 degrees. Typhoon could be a problem, but usually won't last more than 2 days. And normally after typhoon, it becomes very hot, and the sun is sharp shining. Xinglong's casual attitude makes packing a breeze. From March till November, shorts, T-shirts are usually all that is needed. For December and February especially during the evening, you need to prepare long pants and coat. Sun blocks, sandals, swimming wear sun glasses are the must for you holiday in Xinglong. Umbrella is not requested as you could get from the hotels/resorts you stay.

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