Singapore Hainan Island Travel Package, Travel Package from Singapore to Hainan

Airports on Hainan Island:

There are 2 airports on Hainan Island: Haikou Meilan Airport 海口美兰国际机场 is located in the north part of Hainan Island, only about 30 minutes’ drive from Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island. While Sanya Phoenix Airport 三亚凤凰国际机场 is located in the southern part of Hainan Island.  To visit Qionghai, 琼海, Wenchang 文昌, the best option is to land at Haikou Meilan Airport, then visit your home village or relatives.

Flights Singapore — Haikou Airport

Jet Star flies every Wednesday, Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

Singapore to Haikou, the flight number is  3K817/07:25-11:05

Haikou to Singapore 3K818/12: 00-15:30

Hainan Airlines flies daily from Singapore to Haikou HU748/12:05-15:45, then Haikou to Singapore HU747/07:25-11:10

Tiger Airways flies every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Singapore to Haikou TR118/07:15-10:45, then Singapore to Haikou TR119/11:45-15:25

Tailor-made travel packages to Hainan from Singapore:

Based on Hainan Island China, we offer tailor-made group packages & Family Travel Packages for Singaporean and Ancestral Home Visit Tour Packages to Hainanese living in Singapore. Our tailor-made Singapore to Hainan Island travel packages & Family Travel Packages cover hotel rooms, places to visit and transportation.

All travel packages to Hainan Island from Singapore are tailor-made based on Singaporean’s requirement: number of passengers, hotel standard, places of interest. With our tailor-made Hainan Island travel packages, it is you who decide which hotel to stay, and where to go. All Travel Packages are 100% high quality no shopping tours. If you want to go for shopping, we take you to a local market or department store, NEVER any tourists shops.

There are many Hainanese living in Singapore. We have got many requests to visit their ancestral home in Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, and Haikou. With our good connections on Hainan Island, we helped to search for your family members on Hainan Island if you know their names and towns.

MGM Resort Yalong Bay Sanya Hainan

Where to go on Hainan Island:

Map pf Hainan BOAO

Hainan Island is a big place with over 30 Thousand sq kilo meters. Sanya is the main beach and tourist destination with international resorts. Haikou is the capital of Hainan Island with more local life.  While the middle part is still undiscovered by tourists with tropical rainforest and local minority life.


There are 3 major purposes for Singaporeans to visit Hainan Island:

Ancestral home visit from Singapore to Hainan:

Most villages located in Haikou, Wenchang, Jiaji Qionghai. For this 2 purposes, we have worked out 2 packages for 6 days 5 nights stay on Hainan Island with home village visit in Wenchang or Qionghai.


Sightseeing Tours from Singapore to Hainan.

For this one, we have more than 5 packages ranging from 3 nights to 6 nights with arrival & departure flights both at Haikou & Sanya. A typical one shall be 5 nights covering Sanya, Boao, Wenchang & Haikou along the east coast of Hainan Island. Or Sanya only with direct flights from Singapore on Tuesday & Saturday, the typical one is 3 nights relaxing holiday in Sanya only


Golfing in Hainan

Golfing on Hainan Island is a great experience and very popular as there are more than 20 golf courses on Hainan Island at reasonable prices. And Hainan is the first stop for Singaporean Golfers on the way exploring golf clubs in China with direct flights to Haikou & Sanya Airport from Singapore.



The packages are the most popular ones, we are always here to offer you tailor-made travel packages to Hainan Island according to your request, so please email us with the number of travellers in your group, hotel standard and your preferred places to visit. We speak English, and Chinese. Our drivers speak Hainan dialect, which is a good tool to communicate with local villagers in your ancestral home.

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