Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island, Tour to Sanya Dongtian Park


Location of Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island:

It is located on the east coast of Sanya, nearby Nanshan Buddhism Culture Zone. It takes around 40 minutes to Sanya Airport and Sanya Train Station, around 60 minutes to Downtown Sanya and Dadonghai Bay, and 80 minutes to Yalong Bay.


Nanshan Daxiaodongtian is a famous Taoism attraction with more than 800 years history. It was found in 1187 at Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). You will see the very beautiful scenery of the mountain, sea, forest and stone. Daxiaodongtian also is called as “Big and Small Dongtian”. The whole park includes Dongtian Fairyland, Longevity South Mountain, South China Sea Dragon King, Cliff Wall with Inscriptions, and Sanya Natural History Museum.

Dongtian Fairyland: Dongtian Fairyland is very popular with three fairy islands of East China Sea, namely Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang.

Longevity South Mountain: South Mountain in China is a word standing for longevity. There are many mountains called South Mountain all over the whole China. There are more than 30,000 dracaena in the Dongtian Park. They are almost around 10,000 years old. So the trees also refer to longevity. And they are very rare now.

South China See Dragon King: Dragon King stands for stability and good fortune. He is the king of the South China Sea to protect fishmen safety. Lunar February 2nd is the Dragon Head Raising Day. In this day, local people will go to have their hair cut, referring a good and fortune beginning.

Cliff Wall with Inscriptions: The Cliff Wall looks like a big sea turtle surfacing from the sea.

Sanya Natural History Museum: The museum shows dinosaur fossils, reproducing the real life world 140 million years ago. The museum also shows around 2,000 pieces of specimen, of which more than 800 piece are national treasures.

How to go to Nanshan Daxiaodongtian/Big & Small Dongtian: 

You can take public bus. No. 25 & No.57. The Chinese name of Nanshan Daxiaodongtian/Big & Small Dongtian is: 大小洞天

Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island, Tour to Sanya Dongtian Park