Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island, Tour to Sanya Dongtian Park


Location of Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island:

Situated on the east coast of Sanya, near the Nanshan Buddhism Culture Zone, Daxiaodongtian is easily accessible, taking approximately 40 minutes from Sanya Airport and Sanya Train Station, 60 minutes from Downtown Sanya and Dadonghai Bay, and 80 minutes from Yalong Bay.


Nanshan Daxiaodongtian, boasting over 800 years of history, is a renowned Taoist attraction founded in 1187 during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The park offers breathtaking views of mountains, sea, forest, and stone, earning its moniker, “Big and Small Dongtian.” The encompassing attractions include Dongtian Fairyland, Longevity South Mountain, South China Sea Dragon King, Cliff Wall with Inscriptions, and Sanya Natural History Museum.

  • Dongtian Fairyland: A popular spot featuring three fairy islands—Penglai, Yingzhou, and Fangzhang—from the East China Sea.
  • Longevity South Mountain: Abundant with more than 30,000 dracaena trees, some dating back around 10,000 years, symbolizing longevity and rarity.
  • South China Sea Dragon King: Symbolizing stability and good fortune, the Dragon King safeguards the South China Sea, celebrated on Lunar February 2nd as Dragon Head Raising Day.
  • Cliff Wall with Inscriptions: Resembling a sea turtle emerging from the water, this iconic cliff wall captivates visitors.
  • Sanya Natural History Museum: Showcasing dinosaur fossils and recreating the world 140 million years ago, the museum exhibits over 2,000 specimens, including 800 national treasures.

How to Reach Nanshan Daxiaodongtian/Big & Small Dongtian

Public transportation is available via buses No. 25 and No. 57. The Chinese name for Nanshan Daxiaodongtian/Big & Small Dongtian is: 大小洞天.

Daxiaodongtian/Big and Small Dongtian at Sanya Hainan Island, Tour to Sanya Dongtian Park