Hainan visa waiver application mistakes & solutions

So far, we have processed thousands of visa waiver applications, following are the common mistakes most tourists made on Hainan Visa Waiver Application:

Wrong flights booked:

It is requested that all tourists must arrive and depart from overseas by direct international flights including Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan. But some tourists booked international flights to Mainland China, then another domestic flight to Hainan Island. It is not acceptable for Hainan visa waiver application even if you just stay a few hours at the airports. It is the same for return flight. Tourists can’t book international flight with stop over on Mainland China.

Wrong Accommodations:

It is requested by local police that all tourists must register within 24 hours upon arrival either at their hotels or with local police station. Under the following circumstances, tourists will have problem with their local police registration:

1、Some tourists booked rooms on airbnb.com, and their hosts would not go to a local police office to register for them. There might be two reasons why they don’t want to go:

A: The house/apartment are not officially registered at local police station, that means it is illegal to run these houses for business.

B: The runners are not the owners of the apartments or houses, and an officially issued property ownership certificate is requested by the local police for registration. The runners can’t just go to  local police and tell an officer that the guests stay with them in this or that house. They must show property ownership certificate.

C: Some tourists booked very small hostels which don’t provide passport registration, or the hostel scanners don’t work as they don’t use them very often.
Tourists staying with their family often forgot to register with local police office.

So book right accommodations are very important for your viva waiver application.

We would like to recommend all tourists: Don’t try to be smart with Chinese Police:

For your information, the local police has a system to trace all tourists entering China under visa waiver. If you don’t follow the rules, the police officers would call your travel agency to follow up.

Some tourists tried their tricks, but failed. They booked international flights which they could cancel free of charge to get visa waiver to Hainan Island, but they meant to visit Mainland China. So they booked domestic flights after entering Hainan under visa waiver. For your information again, once a tourist with visa waiver books a domestic flight, the police will get message immediately. And for sure he/she can’t leave from domestic terminals. We told all guests that they are not allowed to visit Mainland China, but still some of them. Guess what? They didn’t leave, their money and time were wasted.

S the above are commons mistakes on Hainan Visa Waiver Application. If you are not sure about which flight to book or where to stay, please email us: caddie@sunnysanya.com with your flight details, we will check and let you know so you don’t have to waste money & time.

Common Mistakes on Hainan Visa Waiver Application and Solutions


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