Haikou Qilou Old Street Travel Guide 海口骑楼老街

Qilou Old Street Haikou Hainan10

Qilou Old Street Haikou Hainan Island represents the arcade architecture in Haikou Hainan Island. Haikou Qilou Old Street 海口骑楼老街 is always the center of Haikou life even till now. A Qilou stands basically three or four stories in height, with the ground floor set back halfway into the building, to be used as stores & shops. Now Haikou Qilou Old Street is still the main shopping & dining street in Haikou. A visit to Haikou Qilou Street will show you the true Haikou life. During the early 1920s, many Chinese merchants returned from overseas to their homes in Haikou after they made their fortunes in Southeast Asia. They were responsible not only for bringing about rapid economic development but also for introducing the unique architectural style to the city.

“Qilou Old Street” actually includes several streets including Deshengsha得胜沙, Bo’ai博爱, Xinhua新华, Zhongshan中山, Jiefang解放, and Zhendong streets振动. The local Haikou Government is now reconstructing the Qilou Old Street, and Shuixiangkou 水巷口 is now the new center of Qilou Old Street with nice restaurants and shops.

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