FINALLY! Flight services resumed at Sanya Airport from Monday

haitang bay

Starting from August 15 Monday, all strained tourists meeting the following criteria are allowed to leave from Sanya Airport:

The criteria are:

You are in risk-free or low risk area, and there is no confirmed cases in your hotel within the past 7 days AND you are not suffering from fever, cough, loss of smell, or muscle pain in the past 3 days.

Tests requested before departure:

Tourists in risk-free areas with TWO nucleic acid negative reports in 48 hours (once a day)

Tourists in the low-risk areas with THREE nucleic acid negative reports in 72 hours (once a day).

How to apply?

Apply as you did before for departure in the Hainan Health Code Applet, and you will get a code if your departure application is got approved.

With your flight ticket, Departure approval and relative tests requested, you are allowed to book your flight home.

The above is our translation from local media with our own interpretation for your better understanding. It is just for your information only as the policy keeps changing.

If you need any help with the application form, please contact us. We are here to help you as always, we do.

Strained guests leaving from Sanya Airport