Hainan Island Golf Clubs, Golf Courses on Hainan Island

With more than 20 courses, Hainan Island is a very popular destination for golfers from all over the world. Winter is a golden time for golfer lovers when Mainland China is freezing cold and dry.

There are 3 major destinations for golfing on Hainan Island. Sanya and the surrounding in the southern part of Hainan Island is good for golfing all year around, and perfect during wintertime (November-March), while Haikou and its surrounding area including the east coast could be wet and chilly in wintertime (December-February). The new place to play is Dunes Shenzhou Peninsula and The BFA in Boao. We have done good research on all golf clubs and would like to recommend the following for golfers from all over the world.

Golf Clubs in Sanya Hainan Island and its surrounding area:

Major Golf Clubs or Golf Courses in Haikou Hainan Island:

Golf Clubs along The East Coast of Hainan Island:

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Based on Hainan Island, we have checked all Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island Golf Clubs. For a better golfing experience, the best is to book our Hainan Golfing Packages with private transfers, hotels, and some local tours.

Instead of searching and planning yourself by internet information on where to play and which hotel to stay, why don’t you just drop a short email (caddie@sunnysanya.com) to a local expert who has lived on Hainan Island over 20 years with personal experiences and local knowledge?

Hainan Island Golf Packages

4 Days 3 Round in Haikou Hainan Island
4 Days 3 rounds in Sanya Hainan Island
7 Days 5 Balls at Mission Hills, The Dunes & Sanya

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Hainan Island Golf Clubs, Golf Courses on Hainan Island