Lingshui Fenjiezhou Islet Hainan Island/Lingshui Fenjiezhou Island Hainan/Lingshui Boundary Islet Hainan/Lingshui Boundary Island Hainan & Boat Diving 

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Where is Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet Lingshui Hainan Island:

Boundary Island is an island in Lingshui County Hainan Island, located just off the south-east coast of Hainan Island, between Lingshui and Wanning, in Riyue Bay.

What to see or do on Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet Lingshui Hainan Island:

It is the Sleeping Beauty Island of Sanya. It is a small, pretty island located in the South Sea off Lingshui County. It is only an hour drive to Sanya. It looks like a beauty floating in the sea, so local fisherman nicknamed it “Sleeping Beauty Island” It is the earliest development of an open uninhabited tourist type area. In 2008 it became a national 4A level scenic spot, and in 2013 was promoted to national 5A-class tourist attraction, becoming China’s first.

The eastern part of the island features sheer cliffs and white waves and foam dashing over the rocks on the shoreline. On the western side, there is a small beach and you will find everything more relaxed and brighter with clean white sand and palm trees. The water here appears diaphanous and sometimes incandescent when the sun shines brightly.

It takes only three minutes by yacht to get to the island. When the tide falls, you can catch crabs or pick up shells on the beach.

There are various strange rocks on the island’s hill, which is quite verdant with tropical plants. A granite-slate path on this island has the shapes and pictures of various ancient currency of China carved on it for tourist appreciation

There are also entertainments and sports such as having fun on yachts, motorboats, sailboats, banana boats, or parasailing. You can also enjoy tropical salt-water fish, various corals and rock formations on the island. There is Dolphin Sightseeing site, submarine and so on.

Private tour to Fenjiezhou/Boundary Islet/Island Lingshui Hainan with Dolphin Site & Local Fishing Village, costs CNY838/person with the following services, min. 2 pax/trip.

Entrance fee to Fenjiezhou Islet

Private transfers with Chinese speaking driver

Round trips ferry to Fenjiezhou Islet

Boat Diving

Local lunch


1, If you wish to have an English speaking staff for interpretation help, it costs CNY400/day. A professional English speaking tour guide costs CNY600/day.

2, Public Holiday booking is with 20% surcharge.

3, Free of charge for child under 1.2 meters.

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