Sanya Hainan Shore Excursions & Local Land Tours for Cruise Visitors


Located in the very southern part of Hainan Island and the first cruise terminal in Hainan, Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal went into service officially in 2007, and has received a total of more than 600 inbound and outbound cruises. So far, Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal ranks number one in China in terms of the passenger volume it received. Most world class cruise lines include Sanya on their South China routes including  Legend of the Seas, Ailangena, Aquarius, Wadham, Royal Caribbean, Voyager Of The Seas, Ovation Of The Seas, Seven Seas Voyager, Artania, Oceania Insignia, ms Europa 2, Oceania Nautica

The all year favorable climate makes Sanya a very attractive stop on  South China Sea Routes. Based in Sanya Hainan Island, we offer tailor made Sanya Hainan Shore Excursions, and private Land Day Tours in Sanya for Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise passengers. Different from traditional tour operators who promote the popular tourists site, we want to show you the true life of the local people and their culture.

For the year 2017 -2018, there are more than 10 cruises will visit Sanya, Cruise Seven Seas Voyager Dec.15th, 2017 Friday: Arriving at 08:00- departing at 16:00;Cruise Insignia  Mar.26th, 2018 Monday: Arriving at 10:00- departing at 18:00;Cruise Artania Jan. 29th, 2018 Monday: Arriving at 07:00- departing at 22:00

Most Popular 6-7 Hours’ Land Excursions for Sanya Cruise Visitors

Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan5

6 Hours Tour to a very authentic fishing village from CNY500/person

Binglanggu Village Baoting Hainan9

6 hours land excursions to Sanya Binglanggu Li & Miao Minority Culture Park from CNY398/person

Nanshan Temple Sanya Hainan Island2

6 Hours land tour to Sanya Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park  from CNY390/person

20Grand Metro Park Resort Yalong Bay-Beach (2)

6 Hours land tour to Yalong Bay Beach with Local Market from CNY239/person

Sanya Phoenix Hill Park Hainan Island5

6 Hours land tour to Phoenix Hill Park with Local Market from CNY298/person

Luhuitou/Deer Park Sanya Hainan6

6 Hours land tour to Luhuitou with Local Market from CNY298/person

Romance Park Sanya Hainan5

6 Hours land tour to Romance Show with Local Market from CNY300/person

8-10 hours Land Excursions for Cruise Visitors:

Nanshan Temple Sanya Hainan Island8

Day tour/land tour to Nanshan Temple/Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park/Nanshan 108 meters Guanyin/NanshanSi & Luhuitou Park/Deer Park  from CNY498/person

Binglanggu Village Baoting Hainan7

Day tour/land tour to Binglanggu/Local Li & Miao Minority Park & Phoenix Hill Park/Fenghuangling Park from CNY558/person

Fishing Village Lingshui Hainan5

Day tour/land tour to Local Fishing Village/Xincun Fishing Village & Clear Water Bay Beach from CNY500/person

Sanya Hainan Shore Excursions & Local Land Tours, Tailor-Made Shore Excurisions & Land Tours for Cruise Visitors to Sanya Hainan Island