Sanya Bay Beach in Sanya Hainan Island China, Beach closest to Downtown Sanya & Sanya Airport

Sanya Bay Beach Hainan

Sanya Bay Beach is the closest beach to downtown Sanya, lasting for over 22 KM from the Phoenix Island in the city area till the Club Med at the very end of Sanya Bay. Sanya Bay Beach is only 4KM from Sanya Airport which makes it a very good choice for visitors looking for shorter travel distance from Sanya Airport if they have a very late arrival flight or a very early departure flight.

As it is a very long beach, the local people normally divide Sanya Bay Beach into 3 parts: City Area, the middle and the last part. The City area is walking distance away from the city center with all kinds of hotels along the beach. If you want to be in the city center with a good ocean view from your hotel, then the city area is the best option for you. If you would like to enjoy beach swimming and also a little bit away from the city center, then the middle part is a good choice for you. If you are looking for quite a beach relaxing, away from the city center, then the last part if the best option.

All the hotels are located behind the main road, so to reach the beach, all guests have to walk across the main road to Sanya Bay beach. While in Yalong Bay Sanya, Haitang Bay Sanya, and Dadonghai Beach Sanya, the hotels are located right on the beach, no road in between the beach and the hotels.

For your information, the winter time, it is less windy in Sanya as the beach faces South, so it is normally warmer in Sanya. As Sanya Bay is not as popular as Yalong Bay or Dadonghai Beach, the hotels at similar standards offer better rates at Sanya Bay Beach.

With public transportations, tourists can easily reach Sanya Bay by local bus or taxi, which costs around CNY15-50 depending on the location of your hotel on Sanya Bay Beach.

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