Hong Kong Haikou Hainan Island Flights

Hong Kong is a good transit to visit Hainan Island from Europe, Australia, and the United States. With Hainan visa waiver policy for 59 countries, it is easy now to visit Hainan Island without applying a visa in advance. There are daily flights available from Hong Kong-Sanya & Hong Kong-Haikou.

Based on Hainan Island China, we offer tailor-made travel packages to Hainan Island for 3-7 nights stay, Hainan Island golfing packages, car rentals on Hainan Island with Hainan Driver Permit, and Hainan Island land tours. For reservation or enquiry, please email to caddie@sunnysanya.com or call us at +86-13807535200.

Flights from Hong Kong to Haikou
Hongkong to HaikouHX107/HU805211:30-12:55Daily
Hongkong to HaikouKA694/CX59414:15-15:40Daily
Hongkong to HaikouHX157/HU821118:55-21:20Sunday only
Hongkong to HaikouHX157/HU802519:15-21:20Friday only
Hongkong to HaikouHX15506:45-08:35Tues/Thur/Fri
Flights from Haikou to Hong Kong
Haikou to Hong KongHX108/HU805113:55-15:15Daily
Haikou to Hong KongKA693/CX569316″35-18:05Daily
Haikou to Hong KongHX158/HU821222:00-23:20Fri /Sun
Haikou to Hong KongHX15610:15-11:35Tues
Haikou to Hong KongHX15609:35-11:05Thur/Fri