Hong Kong -Haikou Hainan Island Flight Details

Hong Kong -Haikou Flight Details
Hong Kong is a good transit to visit Hainan Island from Europe, Australia and the States. There are daily flights available Hong Kong-Sanya & Hong Kong-Haikou.

Based on Hainan Island China, we offer tailor made travel packages to Hainan Island for 3-7 nights stay, Hainan Island golfing packages, car rentals on Hainan Island land tours.

For reservation or enquiry, please email to: caddie@sunnysanya.com or call us at +86-13807535200.

Hongkong to HaikouHX107/HU805211:30-12:55Daily
Hongkong to HaikouKA694/CX59414:15-15:40Daily
Hongkong to HaikouHX157/HU821118:55-21:20Sunday only
Hongkong to HaikouHX157/HU802519:15-21:20Friday only
Hongkong to HaikouHX15506:45-08:35Tues/Thur/Fri
Haikou to Hong KongHX108/HU805113:55-15:15Daily
Haikou to Hong KongKA693/CX569316″35-18:05Daily
Haikou to Hong KongHX158/HU821222:00-23:20Fri /Sun
Haikou to Hong KongHX15610:15-11:35Tues
Haikou to Hong KongHX15609:35-11:05Thur/Fri